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That week Jayne had multiple rule breaks stemming from discussions of the outside world, so the standard nominations were cancelled and everyone went up except for her.

(Maybe I am reading the thread too quickly, the only thing I saw was “record number of housemates face eviction” but unspecified as to the reason for that.)

The ass slap truly sent me

Trish and Yinrun are preparing us for their albums once they leave the house.

Also, it’s old news at this point, but Chanel really is awful isn’t she. Truly, truly awful. I wonder is this is unclear in the house, because how else would she have ended up with nomination immunity. Happy that got stripped away.

I also don’t know why they continue to fight Paul’s battles when he’s no longer even in the house. The fact they thought he stood a chance of winning is truly laughable.
I’m sat