Big Brother / Celebrity Big Brother UK

I think so too, possibly a swap between Nikita and Fern simply because she keeps surviving so there's clearly a large collegiate of supporters out there.
And her now being the only woman. I’m honestly gutted Marisha and Zeze left the same night, huge losses both. Marisha talked a LOT in her interview but it was so eloquent and put her in such a good light. I love her.

Not Nikita body slamming his mortal enemy!!


Are they giving the evictee a


moment of whatever at the rendez-vous?
I can’t believe we are already at the finale, what a ride it has been! And glad that it didn’t turn out so disastrously that they said “We’ve made a huge mistake doing this - one and done!”

Mae Muller hive rise up for the next series!!
Itv are making so much out of this Nikita v Fearn thing? Are they trying to make them out as enemies so one of them dont win? Or has nothing else happened in this show?
Christ, I scrolled back to find the night when Paul and Dylan were mercilessly booed and Noky and Pre-Cancelled Trish were raucously cheered - and I came across this video - cry much???