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David winning after itv gave him the most screentime in the diary room next to Louis and with secret tasks a plenty too compared to other housemates, what a shock!
Will and AJ just don’t work for me, they lack warmth, I don’t find their interviews engaging, they always go a bit Newsnight and make the housemates uncomfortable.
So happy David won. Very genuine and as he would say, pretty sound!

Really hope the next civilian and celeb series are longer mind. Over far too quick!

Also, can the next series start in September so there’s a BB every 6 months?
This series was decent, I don't mind the vibe shift from constant confrontation on C5 to something sillier on ITV. The episodes solely focussed around tasks (the police task, the talent show, fairy tale etc) were the best of the series. Having said that, some of the midweek episodes were a bit dull (or downright weird, like after Sharon left). If you're gonna do task focussed episodes then maybe have more tasks throughout the run.

I also love AJ and Will, I'm not sure I'm seeing the issues people are picking up on here
I've come to the conclusion I dont when Im watching itv. Its just too predictable how they push their winners etc
David and Louis were the most entertaining housemates in the last week, so it makes sense they get the most screen time, as someone who has worked on this show that’s generally how it works, that’s why Tom barely made an appearance for the first few weeks of the last civilian series.
You’re the same every year for Strictly too.
Thanks for being a fan?

I enjoy strictly but the obvious winner issue with that show is a voting audience issue, when the latch on to a contestant every year and don't let go. So it's not 100% a producer issue.

With this, David being given secret tasks designed to give him more fun screentime, in spite of others was just annoying and pushing him. Not to mention them trying so hard to get Louis to the final, they did that stupid snake twist. Now we know Louis finished 4th in the vote you can see why they had to fix it to get him there. It's just desperate, in my opinion and very predictable itv manipulation.
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