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That doesn’t read to me like she wrote it, but if she thinks she needs the time away even if it would just be a little bit uncomfortable for her, that’s her call and you gotta look out for you.
Yeah I agree, as I was reading it all I thought was “this is not Ekin-Su”. I don’t really get the whole thing, it really isn’t that deep.
and rightfully so. They used her as their voice when they wouldn't speak up and let her face the backlash. She was also there for Henry when he was crying over Jordan lol. But tories gonna tory.

I both agree with this and also understand that any contestant with the slightest PR awareness would not be getting themselves photographed with our problematic (former) queen either!!!
I agree that it would be better for Trish to move on (I thought everyone had largely moved on from that crop of HMs) but that message from Jordan is laughable. Fair enough if he doesn’t want to touch her with a bargepole because he thinks she’s a PR liability but I’m not buying that he’s as offended by the contents of those tweets as he’s proclaiming to be.

I’m sure she would stop harping on about it if he just told her he doesn’t want to be associated with her due to the harm he thinks it would do to his “brand” (I’m baffled that there’s even a brand to protect tbh).