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Big Brother US - S22: All Stars 2 - August 5th

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Sanctuary, Jun 7, 2020.

  1. Rob


    The frustration of seeing Janelle is likely to go home. How is this the first season where production aren't interfering?!

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  2. I don't want to get my hopes up, but the safety suite thing is over now so it'd be stupid for them not to put that huge room to a good use.
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  3. Maybe they'll give Janelle the "final safety suite" and she has to do a puzzle to reenter.

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  4. I've seen a few houseguests say they don't want to be quarantined again so I wonder if no Battle Back was a stipulation for an All-Stars season? I just don't want Janelle or Kaysar to be done! They're the most interesting players this season (and every season they're on and even the seasons they're not on).

    Apparently, a fan shouted "Fuck Nicole" from the lot yesterday and the houseguests heard it.
  5. Why am I giggling. They didn’t lie.
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  6. Most houseguests believe that if there is a Battle Back, it would be during the jury phase since they would have to be quarantined anyway.

    Janelle has spoken about how she asked production if she would have to sequester if she was evicted early. She was told that the earliest she would be home is mid-September, which started the Battle Back rumour (but from Keesha and Nicole's evictions we know that they aren't in sequester).

    So there's a couple things that could be happening here - either producers lied to Janelle to throw her off, or there is definitely some pre-planned rigging in the case that Janelle is an early target. She potentially negotiated a higher appearance fee, and they may want to get their money's worth out of her.
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  7. I will not at all be surprised if they begin a battle back with Janelle’s eviction and strategically plan it to take place after the house realizes there are multiple fake alliances and people need new allies.
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  8. Most likely scenario they use Janelle as a host for a pivotal Veto or special power.
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  9. Kaysar and Janelle are such an amazing unlikely duo, it's genuinely a crime that we won't get to watch them play together more this season. Watching them feels like reconnecting with old friends, and it's such an interesting dynamic in an All Star season. We're going to lose that as soon as they leave.

  10. I had no idea Janelle and Beau turned out to be good friends. He got emotional on what’s going on in the house.

    I officially despise Nicole F.
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  11. My heart swelled when Kaysar promised Janelle to be a better friend going forward.

    I just love them so much. I was already bitter about Keesha leaving first and Nicole A, Dani and Kevin being such flops. Now I'm on the cusp of hating this season.
  12. I wonder if pre-game alliances were part of the apprehension of why it took so long for production to finally decide to do a second All-Stars season. When strangers enter on a normal season, everyone is on an equal playing ground. With this All-Stars that's...not the case.
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  13. David is honestly such a terrible player and it's a shame he made it to an All-Stars season. He probably should've seen an episode or two before he decided to come on the show.
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  14. It's actually astonishing how awful he is at this. Like, I would have taken any non-Gr8ful season 21 member over him (at least Cliff, Kat, Jess and the iconique Kemi would know not to join Gr8ful 2.0).
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  15. David is infuriatingly bad at this game. He can't even make it through a conversation successfully?

    Also, none of these babies would make it through a single day of when the game was actually being played.

    At least we got to see Janelle and Kaysar's stannable friendship play out this week.

    Also, can we please appreciate how Janelle is LITERALLY PSYCHIC. Reading everyone's motives with one single conversation.
  16. I mean what even is this

    She is trying so hard not to drag him, like the true strategist she is.
  17. He's probably going to make it far too, unfortunately, but it's not because he has any idea what he's doing in this game. He's endlessly frustrating to watch.

    Please, please, please let there be a Battle Back.
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  18. Danielle flipping the script on the young idiots is the only way this show can be salvaged at this point huh.
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  19. Can Julie just pull an Amazing Race and say "With a vote of 11 to 0.......This is a non-elimination leg of the race, You both get to stay"
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  20. I’m still done with the season but I cackled at a live clip of Cody talking to David about how Nicole A was fab favorite, Keesha was fan favorite of her season, and Janelle is like the fan favorite of all time then he goes “yeah we’re going to get crucified...” at least he knows what’s coming.
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