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Big Brother US - S22: All Stars 2 - August 5th

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Sanctuary, Jun 7, 2020.

  1. Bayleigh got Enzo, Day, and Cody in a room and tried to rally the votes in favor of Janelle. Enzo was down, Day was down (but only vocalized it in private to Bayleigh), but that trash can Cody squashed it because he lives in Ratcole’s asshole. I send my appreciation to Princess Bayleigh for at least trying.

    I honestly think Cody winning that first HoH ruined this season. It gave him too much power to create several strong alliances that now bow to his every word and gave him numbers to control every vote from here on out. I pray for his downfall.
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  2. Janelle better destroy Nicole F.'s soul with a devastating elimination night speech.
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  3. Well this season is already going down in flames. Nicole really thought she was doing something with that comment towards Janelle. People were already gunning for her so there was no point in that and she only did it because everyone was there. Dani is really horrible. Most of them are just horrible and the ones I want to do good will just get picked off one by one. I still can’t believe Christmas is even here.......Christmas!
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  4. David telling Kaysar his nickname for him is KZ and Kaysar dryly correcting him by pointing out that there's no "Z" in his name. Oh my gosh that's my Dad.
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  5. All the blame can be put on Cody however it's the house playing a scared games from the beginning that really set the tone. It's an All Star Season and no one was really playing the game until last week.
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  6. The problem is truly that these people are playing the exact same game they did on their season. Getting a big alliance and sticking with it until the very end. Tyler, Cody, Enzo, Nicole F, Ian, Christmas - all did this. The only ones that didn't benefit from that strategy are the ones they are targeting. Janelle, Memphis (ew) and Nicole A were really the only ones out of the whole bunch that had an adverse ride to the final three.

    Dani had a good season her second go around but was one of the winiest, worst and most useless players on her original season. I know she "hated" the annoying people but her game isn't that different from Nicole F. and like Bayleigh dissed the latter with, it took her two tries and two guys (Nick, Dom) to establish her legacy and she didn't even win!
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  7. Oh my God.

    His ass is huge. I love it. Sorry if this breaks the rules.
  8. Rob


    Please god let their be some sort of battle back. This season is shaping up to be so depressing. Praying Kaysar can pull out an HOH win.
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  9. I can’t even bring myself to watch any episodes this week.
  10. Yeah it's like... No fun when things happen so predictably... And to one of the best players in the show's 22 seasons. Hoping someone like Kaysar, or Da'Vonne gets HoH so that maybe Memphis can go home next week.
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  11. Cody is a black hole of entertainment. He needs to go for this season to be good.
  12. I'm still astounded at how amazing Janelle is at reading people with a single conversation while Tyler can't even read...refrigerator magnets?
  13. I think Janelle is incredibly charismatic and yes can read people well. I can see why she's in real-estate. She needs to be on Selling Sunset or a starring vehicle of her own.
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  14. Cody's peak was the underwear modeling.
    It's been downhill ever since.
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  15. Uno


    I literally just sat up and screamed “WHAT?!” at the TV when Dani voted Kaysar. I thought it would be a unanimous Janelle eviction. Could she be staying?!?

    Get these damn commercials off my screen!!!

    Edit: Well, that was cute for a millisecond. Fuck these people.
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  16. These are the saddiest group of All Stars ever. No one takes any risks, no one is willing to get their hands dirty. I mean, yes, I get that it's good gameplay to lay low, but damn it, this is a reality show. I want to be entertained. I want drama and mess.

    Another reason (among so many) why Survivor will always be better.
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  17. Expect the expected!

    I hate this show.
  18. So Dani and Enzo totally voted for Janelle to stay to pin it on Da’Vonne and Bayleigh and yeah...I’m now done with Dani as well (she brought up the idea on the live feeds.) So are they going to leave Kaysar alone and get the 2 girls out pre-jury? At this point, hell the final 2 will be David & Kevin and that’s what this show deserves at this point.
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  19. Before the show went off, Kaysar already had his balls in all three holes. I hope he'll beast the final round, too. If Cody or Enzo win, I think that'll be it for me this summer.

    Him or Bay are the only options. David for HoH next week for the sheer fuckery.
  20. Someone on Reddit said "Janelle gets to listen to WAP for the first time tonight. Truly a life changing experience".

    Um yeah before that commercial break I was like "DAMN Dani and Enzo might accidentally keep Janelle".... then Kevin Day & Bay all voted her out... (eye roll)

    What a shame. I hope Kaysar wins the HoH and puts up Memphis and Tyler.
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