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Big Brother US - Season 20

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Sanctuary, May 5, 2018.

  1. Grodner had apparently confirmed it's all newbies and there's a "revamped" house.

    Also somewhat related -
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  2. Oh God I'll have to endure Paul and Nicole again, won't I?
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  3. Please have a good cast. I am SICK of the social climbers that have plagued the past 5 seasons or so. "All I wanna do is, like, make jury." ENOUGH.
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  4. Nicole & Victor are dating and I'd bet on them doing it together. Pleaaaase, no Paul!
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  5. Rob


    That's bizarre, I'd never have put them together!

    I really hope there's a better mix of ages and ethnicities this season to make for a more strategic season.
  6. [​IMG]

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  8. Last season was the first I could NOT watch due to Paul being so fucking insufferable. Hopefully the producers learned their lesson.
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  9. The first season I flat out stopped watching. My best friend being a Paul stan made for very trying times.
  10. Apparently this season will have returnees. I...
  11. It really seems like the producers are insistent on sabotaging Big Brother year after year. NO ONE wanted returnees unless it was finally another full all-stars season.

    HOWEVER -- Amazing Race is going to be LIT this year..

    Britney and Janelle for the win (although didn't they hate each other by the end of their season together?)

    Rachel & Elissa are going to be amazing too, we finally get to see them compete together.

    And finally Corinne and Eliza together are going to be GOLD. They are giving the gays everything they want this year at Amazing Race, aren't they.

  12. Cast release is set for 10AM EST.

    I lowkey want just 16 newbies. All the past seasons have exhausted me with returnees.
  13. Uno


    Elissa and Rachel...

    I just might start watching Amazing Race again!
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  15. And apparently he ran a political campaign as... a republican?

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  16. The cast is very boring. It's the formulaic cookie-cutter cast they've been doing for some time now. 12 white people.... out of 16.... the mesh-shirt token homosexual... the two girls with 'Leigh' in their name... the cooky 'Rockstar' person... the cop... the Vegas 'entertainer' named Rachel.... The Blond surfer-type who's a lifeguard... Give me a break. And if the mentors are back I'm out. maybe.
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  17. Take it with a grain of salt, of course, but some of the rumored returnees are Vanessa, Hayden and Ian.
  18. The gay guy being a Gay 4 Trump?

    Time to solely stan the lesbian queen houseguest!
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  19. This cast ... honestly does look boring. But maybe they'll all show signs of being interesting when the show starts. Sometimes I'm surprised.
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