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Big Brother US - Season 21

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Sanctuary, Jun 17, 2019.

  1. It's.... that time again.
  2. If this isn’t All Stars they can keep it
  3. People keep throwing it out there that there will be couple of returnees..Please not Tyler... PLEASE.
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  4. Waiting for them to announce the damn cast and praying that Paul and Frankie are nowhere near it.
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  5. 16 new players, no returnees. Interviews should begin popping up shortly.
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  6. I’m kind of into the Broadway guido and Isabella Wang right now.
  7. I wouldn't be mad at being stuck in a house with Jack.

    One of his "fun facts" is "I have pretty large hands for my height." dddd yes choke me.
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  8. Christie, Isabella, and Kemi look promising. I think I will probably hate 90% of the rest.
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  9. The bios/photos make me very... skeptical about the season.
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  10. Maybe this time I'll stay tuned in longer than a month but going off the bios this year It is not looking hopeful.
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  11. IS JULIE CHEN-MOONVES still hosting this? A GIRL NEEDS TO KNOW.
  12. I haven't been able to watch a full season since we had to suffer from Paul for a second time. I now seizure everytime I hear the word "friendship."
  13. Rob


    Thank god there's no returning players this year, just let the housemates play the game themselves without that interference.

    I am already rooting for Isabella:

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  14. The true season kickoff is here: Ika's interviews. The rest are on the ET Canada YouTube channel.

    Honestly Jack needs knock me out and ride me down a staircase.
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  15. "As someone who grew up with her".

    This has... dark-sided energy.

  16. The fact that the chyron even says "Moonves" now too... sis... the delusion.
  17. dddd I kinda like the house this year
  18. Ok I’ll make the dumb joke...
    Something something butt first!

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