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Big Brother US - Season 21

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Sanctuary, Jun 17, 2019.

  1. BB7 being whatever when it was basically The Janelle season: the Re-Up? Nah.

    The early seasons were also great even if they now look prehistoric in comparison.
  2. I love Janelle but as a whole the season didn't have enough drama for me.
  3. It was my first season as an official fan. I watched 8 with my family in the summer and it was fairly iconique, but 10 was everything. Every single week we had a meltdown. Renny vs. Jesse, Renny vs. Michelle, Jerry vs. everyone and of course the amazing trio of ladies Keesha, Libra and April.
  4. I need more fighting this season...
    And less eliminating POC for sad excuses that no one is buying.
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  5. Ugh The Coven is the most amazing and dysfunctional female alliance ever
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  6. Big Brother: Over The Top was miles better than any of the recent, televised seasons. It was a cheap mess but endlessly entertaining. The only flop aspect was the winner was a dud.
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  8. It’s the only season I’ve skipped since jumping on board with S6. Do I need to give it a try?
  9. Best: BB3, BB6, BB10, BB17*
    Great: BB4, BB5, BB9, BB11, BB16*
    Good: BB7, BB8, BB12, BB18*, BBOTT*
    Meh: BB13, BB15
    Bad: BB14, BB19*
    Irrelevant: BB1 (Totally different show)

    *- Watched with live feeds.

    Over The Top was probably better as an interactive live thing since the totally live comps and unedited DRs were interesting to see. Also I liked the eventual winner better than the 2nd placer, so I was happy.

    I still am lazy and never have got around to watching Season 2.
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  10. It's been almost two decades since BB2, and in my head I can still see the diary room clips where they informed the final 3 that there was a terrorist attack on New York City, and that the cousin of one of the final 3 was missing (she worked in one of the Twin Towers), and then less than a week later, the HoH votes out the woman with the missing family member "so she can go be with her family" and the HoH knows she can't win against her. UHHHH EXCUSE ME WHAT
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  11. waiT at me not knowing this happened

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  12. Remember when Bebe Rexha performed on BB20?... Mess.
  13. I met Bella in WeHo last night. She asked us to take pictures of her by a phone box. It was lots of ‘look how much fun I’m having!!!!’
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  14. Rob


    I wonder has she spoken to her mother since getting evicted...

    Side note but apparently Michie pissed his pants during the endurance comp and I feel no sympathy for such a dirty rat.
  15. He remains such garbage.
  16. I'm not sure if i'm glad they didn't show that (Or at least, mention that it happened) or not.
    On one hand, I'd love to see him embarrass himself on live television, On the other hand- he doesn't deserve to have any sort of viral stardom from anything he does on this show.
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  17. That is all.
  18. I haven't watched Big Brother in years but seeing blurbs about this season on twitter has made me glad I finally pulled the plug on investing in the show. They really seem to like catering to the MAGA audience now don't they.

    The BB2-7 Arnold Shapiro-produced seasons were absolutely the golden era of the show. The editing was so much more elevated and the casting dynamics were so much stronger. Allison Grodner really drove it into the ground over the years with the massive injections of twists, scripted diary rooms, showmance pushing, and producer interference.

    I'm not sure if it was because I had no life at the time and got so into the feeds certain summers, but BB6 & 7 were by far the pinnacle of the show for me. The Nerd Herd were just so fun to make fun of...

    Janelle remains one of my favorite reality contestants of all time.

    "Buxom mixed with brains... is a DEADLY combination."
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  19. FINALLY an iconic turn of events this week. Sam leaving broke my heart but...

    Jess won HOH, put up Jack and Jackson... AND THEN SHE WON VETO!
  20. Jess may single-handedly save the season! Yesssss.
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