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Big Brother US - Season 21

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Sanctuary, Jun 17, 2019.

  1. Isn’t there going to be a 3rd nominee that will ruin everything?
  2. Not until next week. I think it's six or seven days of voting. And it'll almost certainly be members of the 6 Shooters that get sent on the Field Trip.
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  3. I really don’t trust America. I don’t remember which season but I distinctly remember them fucking up some very obvious vote.
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  4. Yea, I should be more cautious honestly. Within the communities I check (reddit / onlinebigbrother) the consensus was originally to vote for Jack/Jackson/Sis, but depending on who goes this week, the next in line for votes looks like Christie/Tommy/Sis. But those online communities are a small portion of the audience and the producers are giving Jack an unfairly positive edit, so who knows.
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  5. Can Christie still use her power? I can’t remember when that expires.
  6. Jack trying to ham it up to the camera to look like a nice guy makes me sick.

    Pretty sure the producers told him he needs to try not to be aggressive to the women.
    People on the live feeds were tweeting about his behavior and then later that day, Jack randomly asked someone "Do you think i'm aggressive towards the women?" like. How would he have known it was being talked about online? So now he's like. trying to look all cute to the camera during the eviction episode and I just can't. I pray that him and Jackson get evicted quick. Too bad they're going to be jury members.
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  7. I think this is the last week.
  8. Rob


    Phew so Sunday's episode was the best of the season. So much drama, the collapse of that toxic alliance and Queen Jess' reign. I'll give it a week before it all goes to shit again but I'll take it and run for now.
  9. This week is iconique but I have to laugh at people suddenly stanning Jess who has zero clue what's going on in the game. Miss Nicole convinced her that Jack had to go instead of Jackson, and stopped her from backdooring Nick.
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  10. It's the first episode this season to actually remind me of old school Big Brother, when everyone would happily - and openly - participate in the drama & gameplay.

    Jessica is an idiot, and the very definition of a floater. She doesn't have a mind of her own in this game. The clip of Kat begging her for information/help, and her playing dumb & crying in the diary room about not having any power....when she actually could have told Kat the house was turning on her & assisted in campaigning/securing votes for her. Jessica is one of those self-made floaters who whines about not being included in anything, but makes zero effort to actually play the game.
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  11. I'm so excited to have Jess as HOH and for Michie and Jack to be on the block.

    And the way the veto goes:
    Jess also wins the veto, and keeps the nominations the same.
    Means that this eviction is going to be game changing.
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  12. Season saved.


    Best part of it all is that Jackson and Christie will go after eachother next week depending on who wins HOH, leaving icons Nicole, Kat & Jessica in the middle of the mess.
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  13. Analyse keeps talking about they never call her into the diary room to film confessionals but she thinks it's because they don't need her to explain anything she's doing, when in reality it's because she's not doing anything.
    She also talked about how she can get any guy because she's hot...

    Yikes. I hope she doesn't float through to the end.
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  14. Oh wow, they went in during that eviction interview. I'm glad there's been some accountability, finally.
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  15. Thank GOD.
    I have NEVER seen them pull up live feed receipts like that to ask questions like that... That was good. It held the show accountable that it does note these things happened, and it holds Jack accountable for saying them and gives him a chance to state his claim. I still think his excuse for going after Kemi was a poor reasoning (And possibly scapegoating some racism) but at least he got to give the chance to talk about it.
    He's been such a ham lately trying to seem likeable (After producers have told him this and that about the way he's acted), it was nice they were like "But nah, you're going to watch this and explain yourself too."
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  16. Yeah I’m impressed that they actually held him accountable. His excuses reeked of bullshit though.
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  17. Oooooo I’ve never seen the Big Brother producers go all the way in like that. It was difficult to watch (I don’t handle second hand embarrassment well), but boy did I love every single second of it.
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  18. Uh...not Julie Chen Moonves calling Jack out for his racist and derogatory comments and then in the next sentence using the word “gypped”.
  19. Guy


    SUL SUL.

    I’m dead. Queen of Simlish.
  20. I actually never knew the history behind this one, so appreciate my daily education moment!
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