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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Sanctuary, Jun 17, 2019.

  1. I wish they still let the audience boo.
  2. Oh wow, I didn't know gypped was a slur. It's not a word I use anyway.

    In Julie's defense, she likely isn't aware of its offensiveness. I would imagine most of the world isn't.
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  3. Christie is the 3rd nominee from the field trip and if the nominations stay the same, (Kat/Cliff were nominated by Tommy). Christie will go home on her EX's nephew HOH...

  4. I was so excited for this but wellitsover.jpeg
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  5. Jackson won and put Analyse and Christie...

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  6. And threatening Nick that if he uses the veto Tommy is going up, while threatening Tommy that if he uses it Nick is going up? We love to see it. Still hate Jackson tho!!
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  7. As much as I hate Jackson, he’s had some of my favorite gameplay this season.

    But ultimately, no more Kat, don’t care.
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  8. I’m halfway through the show. What a horrible season and cast. They way they treated Nicole was awful. Don’t know how they treated Kemi during the live-streams but i bet it was just as bad.
  9. Rob


    Can people please be a bit more careful with the spoilers in here when they're posted so far in advance of the show airing? It's stopping me from visiting the thread and basking in the delicious tea that Christie has been nominated.
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  10. I've skipped the last few weeks but tuned in tonight and... JULIE, KEMI, OVI AND DAVID FUCKING SCALPED MICHIE AND JACK! He looked dead-eyed and TERRIFIED to leave the house when he won I am FUCKING SCREAMING.

    "I just hope that everything's alright."

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  11. He looked SO PISSED.
    I'm glad they called him out.
    I just wish they could've done it before the voting.
    But it is very telling that Christie was I believe the only woman to vote for him.

    He's been telling Holly all week though ominous things like that he's scared of walking out of the house because "There's a lot that you don't know" and "I may be getting burned at the stake when I walk out of here". So he knew that bad things were coming- although I assume it's because months ago producers told him in the diary room that he needs to more respectful to the women.
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  12. So glad they let the past contestants call out the others for their poor behavior. It’s been a really dull final week, so this made up for it.
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  13. I did not expect even a fraction of that transparency, it was gripping to watch. Jackson’s entire demeanor shifted after Tommy’s jury question and it never recovered. Kemi and Ovi are genuinely the only two aside from queen Nicole that walked away unscathed from this tragic season, though it was nice to see David’s stance change (his exit interviews were not it).

    Jack articulated himself well, shame Christie and Jackson completely failed to own their remarks. Iconic that Nicole, the messy Kat, and Cluelessica (who looked snatched) voted for Holly. I thought Holly gave great answers though it was pretty much a done deal by that point.
  14. I have been checked out for most of the season but I am so glad I watched the finale, because that was gripping television. Seeing the "winner" of the show look absolutely miserable while walking through confetti, while Nicole wins America's Favorite Player and is overcome with incredible joy in such a moving, genuine can't make this stuff up.
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  15. I also thought it was hilarious that Holly walked out and was super jazzed about getting second place and whatnot, and being kind of like "Haha I dunno!" about the furthering relationship with Michie question.
    There's no way their relationship will last. Michie doesn't need to be in a relationship, he's going to need to work on himself a lot after this.
  16. Nicole bodied this season, if it wasn't for her I and many, many more would stop watching ages ago, she's probably the most universally liked ever?

    How convenient that the only 3 salvageable jury members voted for Holly? Thats on a period.
  17. Holly calling him her tool was laughable but also clearly killed Jackon's pride. I love that the fans online are whining about how unfair it was for CBS to go after Jackson right at the finale while the white hettie tears are cleansing my skin and bringing me youth!

    Nicole's growth was seriously moving to watch...seeing her go from getting the door literally slammed in her face to America's Favorite Player? I love justice. She was never going to win the season but this outcome really was the best case scenario. She is truly a genuinely good human being.
  18. Many people fault Nicole's & Cliff's decision to evict Tommy over Holly BUT... Nicole would have won vs either Holly or Jackson but stood no chance vs either Cliff or Tommy, she took a huge gamble that didn't pay off but she tried. Winning AFP over two try hards that did everything they could to be liked while she was genuinely being true genuine amazing self? We love to see it.

    Kemi's national expose of the venomous four was incredible to watch, long overdue. Should've probably added Bella but she begged behind the scenes before the final probably.
    Kinda dissapointed Bella didn't drag Nick more, even though I dislike her she didn't deserve the way Nick treated her and wanted her to go IN on him but she held back.
    Ovi & Nicole moment about bullying was perfect and really important also.

    Overall I think the finale served it's purpose, I'm glad CBS didn't hold back at all, I'm quite sure BB22 players will be extra careful what they say next season after seeing that episode.
  19. It really was appalling just how many members of the cast showered their asses this season. Last year had the dreadful Level 6 but they dreadful from a game standpoint. Boring and vanilla. Ironically one of the two LGBTQ houseguests was the most problematic last season (and genuinely hideous to watch), with the occasional ignorant comment from the two white bros and a questionable remark about ghetto skin from the Level 6 ladies. Didn’t realize how good that cast was until faced with this one! Nicole deserved people like The Hive alliance rather than Old Man River.
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  20. So many people are upset that CBS ruined Michie's moment and ruined the finale by calling out Michie and not even showing clips of what he did. AND they're mad that Kemi wouldn't even accept their apologies becuase they didn't know what she was referring to because they haven't been able to look back and watch and it's been 3 months.

    Like... What a joke stance to take!
    As a viewer, it does not matter how YOU perceive the way the POC in the house were treated. What matters is THEIR experience. If they felt that there were racist undertones to the decisions, she has EVERY right to call them out. And I think most of what Michie did was not verbal but rather just his behavior, his attitude and his desire to eliminate all the POC. So that's not something you can really show in a clip. Although he did have a moment wondering if David was a convict, and said something about "This isn't BET". But really I think it was more about his behavior than anything he might have said.

    And I love that Tommy called him out for being degrading to women. And then Christie, And Analyse who was barely playing the game anyways voted for him to win but not the other women. It's all very telling.

    Even though people are upset and "feel bad for Michie", Everything happened just as it should have. Except he did not deserve to win because we shouldn't be handing someone half a million dollars for being good at competitions, when he's been running around being aggressive and rude all season.

    And he knew he was going to walk out into this too. He's been telling Holly all week that he knew he was going to get burned at the stake when he walked out for things she doesn't even know about him. And he was right. Well deserved calling out, Not a well deserved win.
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