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Big Brother US - Season 21

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Sanctuary, Jun 17, 2019.

  1. I wish they still let the audience boo.
  2. Oh wow, I didn't know gypped was a slur. It's not a word I use anyway.

    In Julie's defense, she likely isn't aware of its offensiveness. I would imagine most of the world isn't.
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  3. Christie is the 3rd nominee from the field trip and if the nominations stay the same, (Kat/Cliff were nominated by Tommy). Christie will go home on her EX's nephew HOH...

  4. I was so excited for this but wellitsover.jpeg
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  5. Jackson won and put Analyse and Christie...

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  6. And threatening Nick that if he uses the veto Tommy is going up, while threatening Tommy that if he uses it Nick is going up? We love to see it. Still hate Jackson tho!!
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  7. As much as I hate Jackson, he’s had some of my favorite gameplay this season.

    But ultimately, no more Kat, don’t care.
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  8. I’m halfway through the show. What a horrible season and cast. They way they treated Nicole was awful. Don’t know how they treated Kemi during the live-streams but i bet it was just as bad.
  9. Rob


    Can people please be a bit more careful with the spoilers in here when they're posted so far in advance of the show airing? It's stopping me from visiting the thread and basking in the delicious tea that Christie has been nominated.
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