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Big Brother US - Season 23 (July 7th)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Macsun, May 14, 2021.

  1. Who's ready for the messy games to begin?!
    Let's see how serious CBS is about diversifying its cast.

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  2. Rob


    I'm cautiously optimistic for a decent series if they can finally sort the casting. Please just no models/scouted people who will blindly follow a house leader.
  3. I hope this show can be good again.
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  4. They committed to a cast that's "at least" 50% BIPOC, so at the very least we should be getting a slightly more interesting season with a more level playing field. But I just don't trust producers to get this show right anymore. I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised.
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  5. Uno


    There will still be an all white (plus one PoC) alliance that forms day one and makes it to the end.
  6. The show can stop that from happening by realizing 16 is one of their worst seasons and stop showing it to people.
  7. I know I’ll be coming into this spoilt by BB Canada’s latest season. However if CBS can do half as good in comparison I’ll be somewhat satisfied.
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  8. I am dreading this and yet, I cannot wait.
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  9. I generally feel this show has gone completely down the drain but I still have a shred of hope left to give it a chance. It really boils down to getting the casting right, which I don't think they've accomplished for many years - but at least we can expect one that is more diverse this year.
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  10. Well, hello.

    Edit: RE: Xavier, obviously. I don't know why it embedded both tweets. Homophobia, etc.
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  11. Yas @ Diversity commitment. Should've happened long ago.
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  12. Uno


    The cast looks great!

    I wish they'd still do different ages, body types, etc. too but let me take this victory and run real quick!
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  13. Yeah no one is the token "older" person it looks like? Unless they just look young. And i'm guessing there's still only 1 token LGBTQ person.
    Glad they have committed to being more racially diverse this year. Wish they'd push the diversity even further still. And I severely hope there is no racism or any scandals with these people.
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  14. Them actually following through with some diversity for once is great. If only they would fire Julie, too. I really don't want to hear her talk about the Bible, please!
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  16. CBS made a general commitment last summer that all their shows will have 50% POC casting moving forward. So it wasn't a decision made specifically for Big Brother even though it's been long overdue but i'm glad Big Brother is a show that will benefit from that especially... It's really needed better casting, especially the last several seasons.
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  17. This cast looks promising. Hope we get videos soon to see their personalities.
  18. Me every single year and yet I still duck out like the sixth episode in. I remember when this used to be such an event though in the summer.
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