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Big Brother US - Season 23 (July 7th)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Macsun, May 14, 2021.

  1. Azah and Derek F are going to have to find a new purpose now that mothering and coddling Britini is over. All 3 of them are going to be bitter jurors.
  2. Hannah is probably toast this week. That makes me sad, but I don't care who goes as long as it's not Tiffany.
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  3. She got a lot of BB Bucks last week though, didn't she? So it's possible she could win a veto since there'll probably be two this week too.
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  4. I’d think Tiffany would try her best to keep Hannah alive. I’d be surprised if Hannah goes next week.
  5. I’m guessing Ky & Tiffany are going to really push SB to target Derek X this week. I’m just curious to see if it works.
  6. I think if a cookout member leaves, it will be a bummer (even if Derek F and Azah are not good BB players and don't really deserve to stick around) but I think it's what most people watching want. And not solely from the obvious America-is-racist demo, but from a flip of power sense.

    I think there is a chance they can convince SB to nominate Claire as a pawn (then vote her out) or to backdoor DX, but either scenario stinks because I'm loving them both! I cannot believe we are sitting with 10 houseguests and I don't dislike a single one (with Britini's exit dddd).
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  7. I mean, Alyssa sucks, but she’s now irrelevant enough to never be on camera, which has made her tolerable.

    I don’t necessarily see SB falling for the Cookout’s tricks, which is why I’m curious to see if she ends up doing their bidding or going rogue.

    I adore this alliance, but as you say, a power shift is needed soon and we need that big impending implosion.
  8. It's basically all on Ky this week to make sure someone who isn't in The Cookout is on the block on Thursday - that'd be Derek X, Alyssa, or Claire. I really hope Derek X doesn't go yet, though. I want to see him go far. I have a feeling SB might try to backdoor him.
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  9. I don't want Derek X to leave. Claire can go, Derek F can go honestly too- he's very bottom tier houseguest at this point. And I don't want him floating through.
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  10. Apparently there was some drama (finally!) last night but I didn't read the details. I love that Tiffany is not only a great player, but also such a likable personality that gets messy in the vein of past legends.
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  11. I need Chopping Block Roulette to become a regular feature. The chaos & anxiety it caused was an absolute treat.

    I also love this neverending tension/feud with Tiffany & Derek F.
  12. Unlurking because I have to say I can't wait for the Cookout alliance to implode, just because I hate when big alliances sail through the game. A season where alliances of more than 2 people are against the rules would be ideal to me. Plus I feel like some of the members of the Cookout would actually be better served looking out for themselves instead of the alliance.

    Anyway, it's absolutely nothing against Xavier, but I had to laugh when Alyssa's roulette ball landed on him after she kept saying he was the only one she didn't want to land on, like ... the absurdity was just too funny.

    Also I wanted to ask anyone who watches the feeds - when Azah and Big D were joking around about nominations and she called SB "Sarah Beast" and all that, it got me wondering if there was a reason they and the whole Cookout seem to dislike her so much specifically? Like it seems a bit beyond the "she's not in our alliance/she's a threat" type of talk, but nothing that's been aired has suggested any non-game conflict between them all that I remember (but I might have just missed it). I don't really feel anything about Sarah Beth but I want to know about any behind-the-scenes drama haha
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  13. I do agree some members of The Cookout would be better of playing for themselves and not the alliance, but in what world are they sailing through the game? This is nothing like previous dominate alliances where they take turns winning HOH each week and knock everybody out. The majority of HOH's haven't been from The Cookout. Plus, the other houseguests STILL aren't picking up that The Cookout is an alliance. To me that speaks volumes to how good The Cookout is playing this game. To be dominating this much without always having control is impressive. Players like a Tiffany may not have won anything, but her social game has been just as vital to their success as Ky or X winning HOH.

    It can't be a steamroll when they've only won 3 HOH's. The other players are just playing a bad game.
    Derek X revealed that production told him THREE TIMES to play the roulette and he refused to do so. Now he's crying because he's about go to home. On Twitter people are blaming The Cookout for that and are mad he's leaving. If production trying to rig the game so he could stay isn't enough to get him to act, that's his problem.
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  14. Cookout is the greatest alliance of all time, point blank and the period and for the first time ever the majority alliance is actually likeable.
  15. Alyssa's obsession with winning comps gives me such a kick. I love that she's so pleased with herself for her two comp wins, even though one was thrown to her and the other she was literally the only player and just doesn't know it.
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  16. I love the game play and strategy this season and I'm thrilled at the casting overall... but I need some drama and fights STAT. Obviously there's tension with Tiffany and Derek F, but they've been able to keep it under wraps. I need someone to properly pop off and get messy, but everyone is playing so carefully.
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  17. @LetsGetToIt Reminder to please spoiler tag anything that hasn't yet aired on TV, thanks!
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  18. The fact theve been able to reign in their dislike for each other tells you what a good job casting has done this year. It might not make dramatic TV but it's great to see people who are there to play the game. We can have unstable fame-chasers on another season.
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  19. You can tell casting must have really vetted (about damn time) for questionable and problematic red flags. Brent and Frenchie aside, no one so much as slipped with a problematic take as far as I could read (tho Whitney was apparently a Sandy Hook denier?). For Sarah Beth to be so disliked by some is interesting to me because she seems like the type of houseguest that would be a breath of fresh air/stanned on other seasons.
  20. Well, I don't think you have to be an unstable fame-chaser to make good TV. I think Big Brother Canada has done a great job of casting players who are there to play, but also pop off when needed (Ika, Spicy V, Mihn-Ly all come to mind). Janelle is a good example of that, too. Big Brother to me has always been a good mix of strategy and drama. But I think once it comes down to The Cookout having to turn on each other, we'll see some more in-fighting.
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