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Big Brother US - Season 23 (July 7th)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Macsun, May 14, 2021.

  1. I'll take Sarah Beth over Nicole Anthony any day.

    But yeah the casting is perfect. And I just love they couldn't pick off all the POCs in the first weeks and that in fact, it was all white guys leaving for the first few weeks. It's like all the stuff Da'Vonne was talking about is finally being mended, to see this group of black houseguests elude and dominate everything is really what this series needed after so many seasons of racist actions and tokenized casting.

    It will be sad that Derek X will probably be leaving this week though. Eek kind of his fault for refusing to do the roulette challenge though as he definitely could've beat Alyssa. Watch CBS scramble to do a battle back competition now.
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  2. Mn ... I didn't mean that they are sailing through the game right now, just that I don't want them to get to that point? Because like, I found it dull to watch past seasons with big alliances that didn't get disrupted fairly early on and completely dominated the game. Like, it's a valid style of play, sure. I just personally find it boring to watch! So I don't want the Cookout to last very long. Every player for themself is more fun imo.

    Sounds like Derek X dug his own grave this week. My mom (watching buddy) and I were just talking last night about how he could be a great player but not noticing the big alliance will probably cost him. Guess we were right. Kind of a shame tho since he and Claire actually managed to guess almost(?) every member of the Cookout in the bathroom that time and then just seemed to brush it off.
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  3. But what a testament to the Cookout that Derek is getting eliminated on SB's HOH, so the blood isn't even on their own hands. It's some masterful things going on they've been able to go on undetected. And they all have side alliances. And Tiffany and Derek F hate each other. But yet somehow it continues on.
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  4. Tiffany suddenly being willing to sacrifice Claire for Derek X was a savage twist I didn’t see coming.

    Also, what excites me most about the impending Cookout implosion is no one seems to have built any smaller alliances, so I have no clue which way they’ll take things.
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  5. Not Julie riding that high she got from getting to plug "yes prayer does work!" with that [jazzhands]DESTINYDESTINYDESTINYDESTINY[/jazzhands] moment.
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  6. Julie loves any moment she gets to put in a good word for Christ.
    She was wacky, I always giggle. Xavier's wackyness definitely matched hers too.
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  7. I'm disappointed (but not surprised) they didn't flip the house. They genuinely had me for a second. So proud of Queen Tiffany & excited to see what she does while she's in power.
  8. I feel like a Kyland/Sarah Beth nomination is dead cert but I suppose if Sarah saves herself, Alyssa could be a goner. I hope queen Claire gets a week off!
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  9. Tiffany can put up Derek F as a gag and I wouldn't mind, to be honest.
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  10. Uno


    On one hand, I love that The Cookout has been dominating the season - on the other, it does make for a predictable, less fun season.

    I miss the flip-floppery chaos of one side of the house vs the other.
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  11. I have not been watching but I must know… Has Julie Chen-Moonves continued to offer inspirational yet oddly menacing quotations at the end of each live show? If so, what have been the most terrifying thus far?
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  12. It's literally one of the reasons I watch until the end. She's done it ever since she added Moonves into her last name (Which is cringey and the fact the houseguests say it too is cringey as well)
    The best one was the very first one she said which was "Remember the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". It was SO ominous. Sounds very Handsmaid's Tale to me personally and I live for it. I wish they were a bit more boldly sinister sometimes.
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  13. This is said almost every season though.
    The only difference this season is that the leading alliance isn't white. And after SO many seasons of POC houseguests getting the short end of the stick, I am loving the black houseguests steamrolling through this season.
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  14. Claire is pretty dissapointing from a underdog side of things, she's been saying how she wants Kyland or Xavier out and then she wins Coin Of Destiny and leaves nominations the same? Pretty bad for her but that just shows how powerful Cookout is playing, they FINALLY had their first ever meeting last night in the bathroom and soldified the alliance, like whew.. Imagine running the entire season without ever having all of your members in the same room until week 8
  15. I loved when Tiffany proposed an all female final 3 and I hope it happens. It would be nice to have a final 3 with all women of color. It would also be the easiest way for her to win the game.
  16. To be fair to her, Tiff is her closest ally so she was kind of stuck with this one.
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  17. Kyland and Xavier, her two targets, are already on the block next to her third biggest target (Kyland’s partner). She’s not aware of the Cookout so why would she have changed the nominations? That would have made no sense for her.
  18. This is such an interesting season to watch. The way this large alliance is still together is pretty amazing. They are all generally sticking to a set way to do things and even though they all partnered up with someone else they truly have emotional ties and it’s not like “oh I’m just using this person haha.”
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  19. Tiffany's HOH room reveal devolving into this ddd
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  20. I love how The Cookout is steamrolling the competition but it's never done in a malicious way. Everyone mourning Derek X eviction was touching to see.

    Claire thinking she won HOH...
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