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Big Brother US - Season 23 (July 7th)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Macsun, May 14, 2021.

  1. Sara Beth pulling an “I’m not done” and immediately driving an 18-wheeler over Alyssa was such a treat to see. She is savage and will get rid of anyone to get ahead in the best way. I’d actually be sad to see her go.
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  2. Sarah Beth really does give me ruthless energy. Like she does not give a fuck about any of them, it's a bit iconic.
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  3. I wish we saw more of SB's savagery. She could've been a fun grimy villain.
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  4. This HOH comp basically becoming pointless when Alyssa dropped within 5 minutes ddd

    That being said, this would be a good time for the women to turn on the men, but I don't see it happening this week.
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  5. I found SB annoying from the start and am high-key super glad that she's gone. Like, maybe she'd be fun if she actually clocked the alliance that was using her, but...
  6. Alyssa must have gotten sick spinning around. It looked on TV like she dropped and went off to the side to go throw up. Kind of blew up any sort of suspense though.

    won HOH so good for her!
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  7. The face Derek X made when he clocked the alliance and their shields was priceless!
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  8. It was a great episode last night! The whole beetle --> Hannah bashing her head --> oven fire sequence was hilarious!
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  9. Gooped for back-to-back double eviction weeks. It's gonna finally become a true mess.
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  10. I kind of hate that though. Because they're going to kind of speed through what could've been some great weeks of gameplay with the cookout turning on each other.

  11. I wonder if Claire or Alyssa are going to be able to dodge the cookout trying to get them out at all.
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  12. Agreed, actually. I'd have much rather a double eviction earlier, specifically this week. Then another in two weeks.
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  13. Apparently Kyland and Tiffany are hooking up in the HoH room?! Definitely didn't see that showmance coming!
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  14. I'd rather Kyland be with a man. But that's cute for them.
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  15. I'm so confused about how Tiffany is seemingly the only one who's thinking post-Cookout. There'll literally only be Alyssa left next week, what does it change if the alliance is exposed? If she wins HOH one of you is leaving regardless??
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  16. Well he is pansexual, according to a tweet or two someone found of his on his twitter.

    Tonight's episode... Wow that was tough. But good for Tiffany for sticking with the Cookout, it will fare her better. Hopefully Claire won't be mad when she finds out it IS an alliance. But Claire saying that Tiffany has made a pact with herself not to evict any black houseguests... I mean, that is basically an alliance regardless. And really has been all the alliance has done. It's just a pact they all agreed on.

    This season is still great. I'm kind of sad we're about to get 2 back to back double evictions. Hopefully it'll be Claire and Alyssa this week. And the next week can be a bit more off the wall.
    But I can also see CBS creating the first HOH comp tomorrow to cater to Alyssa just for the drama of it all if she wins. I just don't like her enough to want to see her take down the cookout at all.
  17. CBS just announced that Celebrity Big Brother will return this winter.

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  18. Rob


    I'm surprised it took so long. The ratings were always decent and it could have been a solid player earlier this year with so many scripted shows delayed due to Covid.
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  19. I'm so proud of The Cookout. The most successful alliance in the history of Big Brother.
  20. I mean, their greatest strength was the fact that none of the white people being voted out one after another and no one could be like "hey wait a minute, why are all the WHITE people leaving?" without sounding incredibly discriminatory.
    Like I said in my last post, it didn't even need to be an alliance- it wasn't even a really strategic alliance until the last couple weeks. Their only guideline has been "Get all the black players to the end". They didn't need to do much else than that as a group. Whereas every other alliance needs to have constant meetings. Then of course they've been great at winning things.

    I think Tiffany speaking to Claire was really a moment, because even though she did lie by saying it wasn't an alliance-- everything else she said was true. She basically said "I made a commitment with myself not to vote out any black houseguests", and no one can hate on her for that (Unless you're like, a terrible person), or really any of the Cookout. Which puts them in a very interesting place for jury management.

    It's a great season. They absolutely steamrolled through but they are so deserving of it. That said, Derek F and Azah are the ones I think have the least chance of winning. The other 4 all I think have a fair case to make as to why they should be the winner. I'm so curious how the remaining weeks will be.
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