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Big Brother US - Season 23 (July 7th)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Macsun, May 14, 2021.

  1. The Cookout really did that! Despite ruffling a few feathers with each other they were able to compose themselves and look at the bigger picture. Since jury is going to matter a lot (especially with Cookout members in it) potential winners don't want to piss these new jurors off. It'll probably be the most civil last couple of weeks.
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  2. Kyland won and he's targetting Tiffany and Hannah...Because he wants to sit with Xavier at the end thinking he can beat 'the best' realistically it would be 8-1 sweep against him..
  3. Did we learn nothing from Cody taking Derrick to the end with him?.... Okay good luck Kyland. I also hate the idea of immediately making it boys vs. girls
  4. Uno


    Anyone who doesn't want to drag Derek F. or Azah to the finals for an easy win is a fool.
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  5. Yeah... anyone planning to take X, Ky or Tiff to the end deserves to lose. Now if one of them takes another, that's a bit more uncertain. Still praying for a Tiff/Hannah F2 but that's unlikely now.

    Azah and DF are completely useless players.
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  6. What has Xavier done strategically to earn this reputation as "the best player"??

    Tiffany created the cookout and is the reason the alliance stayed intact (along with Hannah). She and Hannah put what was best for them aside for the cause, and to see them get 0 credit or appreciation for it is infuriating. Men are useless!
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  7. I agree with you totally.
    Xavier is just a good competitor I guess? And he's hot. And he's a man. Those are advantages in endgame Big Brother especially.

    Honestly.... I'm happy with anyone winning except Azah and Derek F.

    I'd love for it to be Tiffany and Xavier in the final 2 seats JUST for the drama of it being a total tossup and nailbiter as Julie pulls the votes. But I assume everyone is going to be smart enough to bring Azah or Derek F to the final and we won't have another Cody & Derek situation.
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  8. Julie is a fucking weirdo with that "child of god" comment ddd.

    I haven't posted in here much but this is the most engaged I've been with a season in ages. I need Tiffany to win and avenge a similar female mastermind aka Vanessa on BB17 who should have won her season as well.
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  9. Oh I just remembered something I want to bring up that I don't think we've ever talked about here.

    Why does Derek F stumble and say "I to evict ___" or "I evict ___" every single time he goes to cast his vote?? Is "I vote to evict ___" too hard for him to say?
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  11. I would honestly gag if Azah and DF were the final 2. If Tiffany's doomed, this is lowkey what I want.
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  12. Noo. I mean, there's NO way Derek F or Azah are winning the final HOH. So... It won't happen.
    But even if that was the final 2. I don't see anyone picking Derek to win.
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  13. [​IMG]

    The literal words out of Hannah's mouth. I agree with her when she says Kyland is just handing over the win to Xavier. I'm shocked that he can't see that.
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  14. He thinks he should be against the strongest player in the final 2 though... for some reason.
    But when your in the house, I guess it's harder to really see the full picture.

    Tiffany and Derek F were talking this week and Tiffany was like "If Xavier is sitting next to you in the final 2, he wins" and Derek was like "You think so?" like baby... you couldn't even beat Azah, let's be honest. Meanwhile Derek is like "I came second place in Veto. I don't want anyone to think i'm a threat" - People would only take you to the final 2 if they wanted an easy win!

    But yeah, since it's probably Tiff leaving tonight. I want Xavier and Hannah in the final 2 just so it's a dramatic vote. But i'm sure it'll be Derek/Azah + whoever wins the final HOH, Probably Xavier. He just isn't ever going to have the votes to leave before the final unless Hannah wins HOH, puts him and Derek up, and veto isn't used and Azah votes him out. Which COULD happen, but, i'm doubtful it would.
  15. Yep that would be an ideal scenario. Unfortunately this season has been playing out SO PREDICTABLY.
  16. Yep that would be an ideal scenario. Despite loving this season it's been playing out SO PREDICTABLY.
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  17. I'm okay with it because the outcome is a black houseguest winning which was seriously needed.

    However it better not lead to the next seasons all the white people teaming up against the black houseguests again "to avoid another Cookout".
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  18. I am so over Derek and Kyland, especially the former. He gives me Raven energy in that he genuinely thinks he has been influential/pulling the strings. A mess.

    Azah has been a crushing disappointment, so seeing Tiff and Hannah probably going out back to back is going to sting. Good luck Xavier!
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  19. I had such high hopes for Azah that first episode. She's been a huge letdown.
  20. I am SO mad at Azah.
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