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Big Brother US - Season 23 (July 7th)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Macsun, May 14, 2021.

  1. Everyone played soooo horribly tonight. It literally doesn't make sense. It's like they're all playing for 2nd not realizing they can actually get first place? It's like they already know Xavier won so now it's a race to second, which is so frustrating.

    Kyland plans to lose to Xavier so he'll be brought back in a future season and win that one which is like.....what??? WHY are you already strategizing to win a hypothetical season when you could win the season you're actually playing in????

    Jesus. These people are brain dead. Azah ruined this season.
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  2. Also, doesn't All-Stars tend to get cast by who's popular more than who's a good player? I recall Kyland got like negative 50 BB Bucks from America a few weeks ago. Wouldn't bet on that return trip!
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  3. I could actually see a Kyland Xavier final two being kind of a split vote, but most likely going to Xavier. I'd rather have had the final 3 be X, Ky and Hannah. If I were Hannah I would've stood up and said "You're only going to vote me out because you know you can beat Derek in the final 2. If you two want to really face off against the better players in these final weeks, you know who to keep"

    Anyways, I just hope Xavier wins at this point. Kyland's been playing a bit wild and I don't like it really. It feels very much a Cody Derrick situation again though.
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  4. Going to take me a bit to get over Tiffany and Hannah’s exits. They truly are my favorite players on this series in over a decade.
  5. I was hoping Hannah would go there. Kyland saying he only wants to compete against the best is so hypocritical considering he's dragging DF along. It reminds me of Coach from Survivor, who would preach about only wanting to compete against "strong" players...only to vote out his tribe's strongest woman second.

    He literally said he wants to be the Cody to X's Derrick, which is so stupid on so many levels.
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  6. Seeing them go back-to-back made it hurt even worse. I can't believe how fucking awful Azah's move was, I was yelling at my TV as soon as she told Hannah that she was going up.
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  7. Azah staring into the void as the episode wrapped up, knowing she fucked up, was amusing.
    Her and Derek are terrible. They think they're great. But really they just got carried by 4 people much more competent than them.
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  8. If "I made a huge mistake" was a person.
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  9. Azah in meme form.

    At least she knows ...
  10. Rob


    Seeing how disastrous Azah's brief HOH was makes she glad she hasn't had any other power this season. What a mess.
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  11. Uno


    I haven't seen the past few episodes, but why would Azah not put Xavier/Kyland up together? Are they not a glaringly obvious pair at this point?
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  12. Tiffany and Hannah both really sacrificed their game to make history with the Cookout Alliance. I love that they accomplished the mission but if these two queens got to ride with Claire and DX like they wanted to... the power that has.
  13. The best case scenario really would have been cutting the guys while Alyssa and Claire were still there. They still would have had a 3-2 majority after the guys (and Alyssa/Claire had slim to no chance of winning of winning anyways) so they likely still would have gotten an African American winner.
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  14. I wonder if Tiffany and Hannah would've felt the need to fight so hard for the cause in the first place if Danielle Reyes had won season 3 (like she should have).

    The Cookout is a response to how this game shat on the minority players over the years. If casting had been fair all along and the house not been so toxic to Black people, Tiffany and Hannah wouldn't have needed to put the cause before their individual games (unlike X, who only cared about the cause when it was convenient; had it been up to him or Kyland, their partners would still be in the game over some members of the cookout).
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  15. It's such an interesting undercurrent of this season, because the houseguests acknowledge this to be true explicitly while Julie is more implicit about it by just recognizing it in terms of "making history" and whatnot. I don't expect Julie Chen Moonves to speak about it in an obvious way, necessarily, but it makes me wonder what casual (presumably white) audiences think, considering they're not necessarily following the behind-the-scenes dynamics in the way we would. My mother has watched this show for years and surely has never given an ounce of consideration to how minority people have been treated or tokenized in Big Brother.

    Anyway, I hope this season isn't a one-off and the casting continues to be more reflective of how America actually looks. (Which might also mean casting a couple more older people.) Aside from being the right thing to do, it's also made for much more interesting gameplay.
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  16. Casual audiences have been calling The Cookout racist for the entire summer. To them, there has never been an all white alliance that has outwardly stated they were together because they were white so it's never been racist when these past alliances consistently targeted all the non-white houseguests. It's made headlines, at least on my radar.
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  17. Y-i-k-e-s.

    I'm assuming those are Twitter reactions? I honestly don't linger on Twitter anymore, because I think it skews reality a bit. But that's sad to hear either way.

    They must not be listening to Julie's calls for kindness!
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  18. Speaking of, I just about lost it when she was way to eager to proclaim “faith” as one of her favorite words. Suddenly Big Brother is Sunday morning programming.
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  19. Various social media really (I use the Big Brother FB to watch the exit interviews and that is easily the most vile/most racist demographic). I know I've seen articles that interviewed past houseguests over the outrage of The Cookout being racist (such as Jun and Ovi) where Julie gave statements to the contrary.
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  20. I'm so glad Xavier won this HOH.
    Going to be super bummed if Kyland leaves though. Either he or X need to win the Veto. Otherwise Kyland will leave.
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