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Big Brother US - Season 23 (July 7th)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Macsun, May 14, 2021.

  1. That Kyland exit ... what even?

    I can't remember another eviction night that was that tense.
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  2. Watching this live was... OH MYGOD????
  3. Watching that scene live was insane. I didn't know what was going to happen.

    Kyland is awful.
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  4. Got to commend these players for keeping things interesting as we were heading towards what I assumed would be a very boring week.

    I cannot with Derek & Azah competing for Most Delusional Player… Big D is truly insufferable.
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  5. Kyland is a literal piece of shit for that exit. He was so far past the line bringing up Xavier's dead brother's son. I was rooting for him to make it to the end for a lot of this season, but that made me really, really dislike him.
  6. So the jurors have all already completely turned on Kyland, so have feedsters, but I think the public will really turn after that exit. And he thinks he is a shoe-in for a returning player! Bye musty.
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  7. I heard a rumor that all the cool kids are texting TIFFANY to 97979 once a day until Wednesday at 9AM West Coast time.
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  8. Xavier as the shoe-in to win had me lax up on the episodes. Color me surprised with the dumb-fuckery of Kyland’s exit and Julie’s authoritative voice asking him to leave. The last 10 minutes had me on EDGE!

    What a season!
  9. Oh, the winners of both parts of the HoH so far.
  10. I'd love to see Derek try to tell Azah that he carried her again ddd.
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  11. Kyland's exit... Wow. What an INCREDIBLE douchebag.

    Okay, I mean, I don't remember them ever holding the final veto until the live eviction?? Correct me if i'm wrong.
    So, CBS really schemed that out to give Kyland literally no time to rally for himself. I mean, The chances of Derek F picking Kyland to stay over Azah were basically 0 and I don't think the extra couple days they normally have post-veto ceremony would've mattered.
    He was incredibly blindsided, especially because he thought saving Xavier last week was going to get him saved this week and it didn't. And that's just Big Brother. So to then be trash talking Xavier about his nephew... What in the fuck?

    I demand a fullblown apology from Kyland and I cannot WAIT to see them interact on finale night.
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  12. They always do at final 4, the infamous Marcellas moment was live.
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  13. Ah yes. I couldn't recall. I know the final vote is always cast right in front of the person, because it'd be stupid to go into the DR when the vote isn't a secret. But I couldn't remember about the veto.
  14. I can’t believe they aired two clip shows in a row. A nightmare.
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  15. Rob


    It felt totally unnecessary, the fact that they used Azah and Derek explaining why they should win for half a show...

    I will literally scream if either of them win the final HOH and boot Xavier. It would be a dire end to an otherwise entertaining season.
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  16. It sounds like Azah already made her mind up she is taking X, and Derek told Azah he would have taken X (if he won a single competition in 3 months). I don't know two worse players.
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  17. I love Azah and Derek have been fighting. Awful lot of emotion for second and third place.

    Also Derek said that him walking out and getting America's Favorite Player isn't a guarantee.
    Like he thinks he will win it, but knows it isn't a guarantee.
    Like babe... No.
    No wonder Azah is mad at him. He thinks he's WAY greater than he thinks. And he thinks that he carried Azah. She has ever right to be annoyed by him and I look forward to when she gets out of the house and can see that NO one thinks he's a good player either.
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  18. I really don't understand how Derek thinks he can win against Xavier?? His entitlement is really something else.

    Edit: And the second he makes final 2 he turns around and goes "I don't care about first place, give me my second place and let me go home"...get out of here.
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  19. So, this is still true...
    Taking MORE jabs at Xavier / his nephew with his vote saying, "To all the kids watching out there, there are more important things than money." What is wrong with him?
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