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Big Brother US - Season 23 (July 7th)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Macsun, May 14, 2021.

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  2. Kyland was trying to backpedal SO HARD. At least he voted for X. Derek deserved zero votes.
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  3. I enjoyed the finale and overall, I enjoyed the season. Though it was a less than ideal final 3, I enjoyed the drama of watching Derek F dig his hole deeper and deeper. I can't wait for all the upcoming press/interviews for the HUGE reality check both DF and Xavier are going to get when they find out they literally did nothing strategically in this game!

    I'm so glad I voted for Tiffany everyday for AFP - she needs her flowers!!!!
  4. Great season. First one I finished since 18.

    Xavier's "bitch please" expression when Kyland was babbling had me dying.

    I'm so happy Tiffany won America's favorite player! I know Derek F is boiling.
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  5. At least Xavier won his fair share of comps. Derek can't even say that.

    Also, did it rub anyone else the wrong way that Derek was trying to say he was the one that formed The Cookout? I was like... gurl no you didn't.
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  6. Predictable winner but we'll deserved. Out of all the Cookout members Xavier did play a better social game which led him to be carried to the end. Kyland continues to show his ass and needs a reality check but people like him don't really care. Despite that, a great cast. I'm hoping CBS gets it right again for next year.
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  7. Also love that we almost had a Cody/Derrick/Victoria moment with Azah going to choose Xavier who she can't beat, over Derek who she could've beat.

    I really hope next season isn't back to the usual "white houseguests trying to get every other minority out" nonsense. No "I have to stop there from being another Cookout" gameplay please.
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    Why is he like this???
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  9. Derek may be one of the most delusional players ever. Raven teas.

    What I was reminded last night was what an iconic jury. Even lowkey people like Alyssa and Sarah Beth just understood the assignment. The pre-jurors were even good sports. Clare, Derek X and Tiff are 3 of my favorite to ever do it.
  10. I had such high hopes for Derek F and he was a colossal letdown in literally every way imaginable. Xavier was the correct winner given the final 4, though I'd have absolutely loved to have seen Tiffany take it home. It was so gratifying that the audience got Favorite Houseguest right. I'm sure she's feeling all the love today.
  11. Derek acts like we don't have 24/7 live feeds.
  12. Derek acts like we don't watch the show.
  13. Is it wrong to hope that the US follows the lead of other BB franchises (e.g. the UK, Australia, etc.) and invites one of the popular civilian houseguests (i.e. Tiffany) to participate in Celebrity Big Brother?
  14. Knowing BBUS, they'll bring Paul or Frankie onto Celebrity Big Brother ddd.

    I loved the Big Brother Canada twist that brought in international houseguests. That's one twist I wouldn't mind BBCAN or the BBUS to do again. I'd love to see someone like Tiffany or Derek X pulled into a Canadian season, which tends to have more game play.
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  15. So far the 2 CBBUS seasons have only had 'celebrities' (loose use of the term, but no returning players) and plays out in like 3.5 weeks.
  16. I just.....

    ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Okay, Julie. Xavier made history as the first Black winner of a non-celebrity edition of Big Brother, and he did it in epic fashion with a dominant unanimous fashion. How would you sum up his win and how it stacks up against other winners from the past?

    JULIE CHEN MOONVES: He's only the third player to ever get an unanimous win… and in my humble opinion, he may be the best ever to do so. Think about it: The first houseguest to ever do that was Dan Gheesling in season 10 (back then, the jury was only made up of seven people and he got all seven votes). The next time was only last summer when Cody beat Enzo in All Stars. Cody won in large part because he is a competition beast. The kid is unstoppable and so impressive.

    Xavier won by knowing when to lose and winning when he had to, and was liked and admired by all in the house. How many times have we ever seen that? In addition to winning all nine votes, not a single negative comment was made from any juror when it came time to insert the keys! If that's not proof of God and miracles, then what is?!

    I have to also give a nod, however, to Tamar Braxton. She too got an unanimous win, but it was not in a regular season. It was in our second season of Celebrity Big Brother, and that lasts only about three weeks as opposed to three months! She did provide me a lot of laughter and entertainment. My dream is to one day have a BB version of Mount Rushmore somewhere in the house. I see it being the faces placed in chronological order of unanimous winners: Dan, Tamar, Cody, Xavier, boom!

    Let's play a little game of "Big Brother What If" and pretend we had an Azah and Big D final two. Who do you think wins in that scenario?

    Here would be my educated guess — or my uneducated guess, depending how you look at it. My guess would be the following people would vote for Azah to win: Britini, Derek X, Sarah Beth, Claire, Tiffany, Hannah, and Xavier. I think Xavier would respect the "game move" on Azah's part if she ever evicted him.

    My guess is Big D could maybe get Alyssa's vote because of his strong social game. I also think he might have gotten Kyland's vote. Who knows? Only God does. Only He knows what's in people's hearts.

    Azah seemed really shell-shocked in her interview with you after being evicted. What was your big takeaway sitting across from her in that studio?

    My takeaway is that Azah has a healthy fear of the Lord — and that's the first step towards true wisdom. She spoke about how she did what she could to glorify Him in her actions and speech while playing this game where lying and deception are both allowed.

    She acknowledged she failed in some areas of pleasing the Lord (I believe she was referring to misleading Hannah on double eviction night). What I felt as raw honesty on stage with me is what I think will take her far in life. She gets it that there is so much more to life than money and winning at all costs. She gets that God allowed her this opportunity to play BB and make it thus far. She will now meditate and pray on it to lean in to Him and figure out what His purpose is for her life. I am a big Azah fan.

    Even beyond the racial diversity of the cast there was something different about this group of players, who rarely took anything personally and seemed to genuinely enjoy and respect each other. What was your big takeaway from the group?

    My big takeaway from this diverse group was that they showed America, we as a human race are more alike than different. If you can set aside personal selfish agendas, we really can do as God commands and the Bible says and love one another.

    There were so many great players and characters this season. Give me your top three you'd like to see come back and play again.

    Tiffany, Derek X, and Frenchie.
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  17. Some of the comments are amazing.

    “He honestly still has no idea that the jury was laughing AT him; not with him. The vast majority of the cast laughed daily at his complete lack of a game and how he thought he was a master manipulator. You did NOTHING Big D. You were always likely to get near the end of the game because everyone saw you as what you ended up being: a zero vote finalist.”

    “Big Delusional... you got one thing right all summer - X was a lawyer. Congrats!”

    “This man must live in an alternate universe. I won as many comps as he did this summer.”
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  18. I normally cringe, just personally, when someone mentions God this much. But because it's Julie for some reason I find it so campy. It genuinely makes me chuckle.

    Also, why would she want Frenchie back? Tiffany and D.X. are great choices. I'd want Hannah back too really.
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  19. Does anybody know whether these interviews with JC“-M” are done over email or face to face? I just don’t know that I would have the journalistic integrity to stop myself from saying “What in the actual hell are you talking about?” whereas if it’s through the computer, you just get what you get.

    Also I only saw a few clips of the finale so please forgive me if I’ve missed something, but I was let down by the fact that Julie has been offering her sinister proclamations all season — yet ended by saying “Love one another!” What is this, Ellen?
  20. That interview was a complete trip and a half…I would have thought someone made it up but here we are.
    Preach away Julie!
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