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Big Brother US - Season 23 (July 7th)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Macsun, May 14, 2021.

  1. Rob


    Screaming at the way she literally mentioned God in every answer. Is Julie ok?

    I generally read the EW recaps to see what people are making of the season and the toxicity of their comments section is actually quite disturbing.
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  2. Suddenly people have amnesia and don't remember the giant White alliances that targeted minority players week after week.
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  3. CBS was handed a great opportunity with the cast they got and the Cookout alliance. If they were smart they’d try and capitalize off of that.

    Was this the first time an alliance steam rolled to the end with all members intact?
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  4. Didn't the vile one from All Stars last season do it? Or was Enzo not in it? I forget, it was so bad once Day was evicted.
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  5. I don't think Enzo was ever officially in.
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  6. What a wonderful finale for what has been their best season in ages. X and Tiffany could not be more deserving of their respective wins.
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  7. Rob


    Has there been any tea spilled since the show ended? Falling outs or hook ups? @Sanctuary where you at?
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  8. Kyland, Tiffany, Hannah & DX have been staying in Todricks house since the show ended lol! Azah was there for a bit and so was Xavier, they've met Tamar, Da'Vonne, Bayleigh and many more who have come up to meet them (Mainly Tiff & Hannah kii). Seems like there's a lot of love between the cast, they all seem to still ignore Brent even though he's desperate in the comments and Derek F has beef with half of the cast mainly Whitney.
    Oh and Alyssa & Christian broke up on the airport.
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  9. Rob


    Screaming at the way I can't tell if this is fanfic or real life!
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  10. Yeah, I saw Derek F was doing a live with Brent and Frenchie and got a teensy bit of joy knowing he is completely in the bottom rung of this season's fan favorites. You just know he has to be so pressed that Tiff, Hannah, Derek X and Claire came out with more fans. Also, have oddly seen a lot of softening on Sarah Beth by fans. I think she is taking her divided response in stride and even made a joke that she will apologize for sending home Derek X only if you pay an extra charge on her Cameo. At least she knows fans stanned King Derek!
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  11. !!! I'm here for it!
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  12. I am obsessed this is so cute!
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  13. Never expected this and absolutely thrilled for them.
  14. When we're in here bitching about another lackluster BBUS season in a few months, I'm gonna spam the fuck out of you all with videos from the current season of Big Brother Canada because it is ICONIC and easily the best BB season since BBCAN5. Shake-ups and backdoors pretty much every week, no major alliance dominating, no one trying to appease the HOHs, only one unanimous vote all season so far... it's a true every-man-for-himself like the early BBUS seasons, and if you have a way to watch and you haven't yet, you NEED to.

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  15. Marty is…unstable.
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  16. I was going to post this in the BBCAN thread but it'd have been my 3rd post in a row ddd. I wish the Americunties were watching with us!
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  17. I hadn’t realized I was in the US thread!
  18. I came here to scold all the girlies who endure the US seasons but don't watch the far, far superior Canadian version

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  19. I am going to be catching up and watching the new season of Canada soon. I’m currently binging season 7 of it since they added them to Paramount Plus.
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  20. Me too. I’m binging season 2 and would love to catch up before I watch the latest season. Watching BBCAN season 9 and 1 cemented the Canadian show as the superior version in North America
    in my opinion. It’s a shame the US contestants have to deal with the dickery of the production team.
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