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Big Brother US - Season 23 (July 7th)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Macsun, May 14, 2021.

  1. Sarah’s Brittni’s “Fun facts about me” made me want to drown myself in a bucket of slop.

    * In 2019, I won both the Niagara Medal (voted on by the members of the senior class as the individual who represents Niagara University the best) and the Senior Medal (Valedictorian – Perfect 4.0 GPA across 2 Degrees) at Niagara University. I was the first individual in the 162-year history of the university to win both awards in the same year.
    * In May, I graduated from Niagara University with my Masters in Early Childhood & Childhood Education, with additional certifications in Special Education 1-6 and Theatre Education K-12!
    * In December 2020, I was promoted to the rank of 4th Degree Black Belt in the Chuck Norris System. I am also a three-time world champion at the United Fighting Arts Federation World Championships Tournament.
    * I play on a co-ed Bar League Softball team and at 5' 2", I play first and second base. I have to be the shortest first baseman in the history of the league, haha!
    * I play four musical instruments (alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, piano, and flute)!
    * I did a study abroad trip to London during my undergraduate work at Niagara.
    * My friends, family, and doctors say that I dance better than I walk. I have sprained my right and left ankles 11 times a piece, with 15 of those sprains coming from walking.
    * I have danced for 19 years in 12 different styles! I have danced for audiences as large as 20,000 at different sporting events! I now am a dance teacher and teach musical theatre and assistant teach tap at a local studio!
    * I LOVE purple. All shades. A partial reason why I went to NU was because their color is purple and I could wear purple every day without fearing judgement, haha!
    * I have a mini snow globe collection that I started when I was 10 years old! I currently own 173 snow globes!

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  2. ddd that's Britni's, the TikTok girl @WowWowWowWow.

    There's actually very little online about Sarah. No one's found her socials yet. She's serving Bronte.

    I believe Derek F is the only LGBT HG this season we know of. His IG bio reads "proud bear" ddd.

    People seem to like Azah and Hannah so far based on their answers to pre-season interviews.

    Christie seems like she'll be fun.
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  3. Thank you for the gentle correction, although in my defense, “I despise [moths and butterflies] and would kill them off if I could, regardless of the effects on the ecosystem” isn’t exactly top-shelf content either.
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  4. I know it's how casting works but the fact that the original replaced houseguest Garrett Smyles and Christian, his replacement, are like identical is so funny dddd.

    I wonder if we'll find out if it was COVID related or not for them or for this other possible replacement.
  5. Could be a number of reasons but yeah that’s how casting works. They have a cookie cutter type they like to adhere too (and have several backups of). For many years it’s been the “angle black woman” or “southern/midwestern blonde”. Let’s see how they really change it up.
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  6. Welp:

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  7. My popcorn is READY!!!!
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  8. Totally forgot it’s debuting tonight. I’m ready to be underwhelmed!!
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  9. People think the prize has been raised to $1M due to a promo saying it is going to be the largest cash prize in the show's history.
  10. Hi, did y'all watch?

    Kind of a boring first episode. It kind of slogged along. At least the cast is diverse- even if the forced diversity was very obvious.
    And I think only 1 gay man? Boo. So much for my dreams of a gay showmance.
    At least one girl is bisexual and another girl is in a relationship with a woman.

    Also, I hate teams. It was bad on Drag Race All Stars 1, It's bad here. (Obviously it won't be for the whole season though)
    Honestly, anything that reduces the pool of potential nominees is always bad. Thankfully Frenchie didn't take Julie's offer.... Which they clearly thought he would considering they made him play the game anyways.
  11. The 4 split competitions made sense last year since they wanted to give the All Stars introductions room to breathe, but it's such a slog with all newbies. I want to watch these people interact, not play the same competition 4 times in a row.
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  12. The first episode of this show is always a slog to get through. The women seem so much more interesting compared to the men. If they can finally pull off an all women's alliance....... hahahahaha!
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  13. dddd I loved it though half the fun is reacting along with Twitter.

    The way Claire and Sarah both ended up being sapphic icons...

    People aren't sure if Frenchie is pandering, but he seems to be closest right now to Tiffany and Derek F (somewhat Claire too) and saying he's ready to take out the muscle jocks and any showmances.

    Also, Derek X's tennis scenes were enjoyable, but he is also very attractive, as well:

    Him and Kyland seem to possibly be down for some kind of alliance with one another.

    Overall, I actually really enjoyed how they picked teams and would be down for that way to be mimicked if something ever similar is done again.

    Travis being rejected like three times was also hilarious.
  14. I also think a live premiere never works. It makes it impossible to get to know the contestants at all. As always, I don’t have very many opinions after the first episode, but excited/concerned for what’s to come.

    I will say the Karate TikToker & the two-name voice actress are already my least favorites.
  15. Aw they were some of my favorites. Just because they're a bit wacky and I enjoy that. They could very easily veer down Nicole Anthony territory and bug the hell out of me though before the week is out.

    Honestly, i'm pretty shallow early on though with my picks, Right now i'm rooting for the token gay male, Derek. and Xavier and Derek X because they're attractive. I can see Tiffany becoming a favorite of mine, and Azah.
    Ultimately it all comes down to who is going to be a boring floater and who is actually going to do things and also align themselves with not the biggest assholes in the house.

    Also REALLY glad Frenchie won HoH now that I think about it because when Cody won the first HoH last season and dominated his way through every week as a ripple of that, it was really annoying. And with the teams + the fact I don't think Frenchie is a total bro who is just going to align with all the dudes... It'll be interesting.
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  16. Whenever anyone says something like "People think I'm just a pretty face but...", I am usually immediately turned off!

    I thought the premiere was actually decent - as mentioned above, the first episode of BB is rarely ever good so I think they actually did a good job of the pacing. I liked the roulette game to choose teams and I hope this works to avoid the herd mentality.

    I am currently most intrigued by the two Dereks, Azah, Claire, Xavier and Kyland. I'm excited to see what Frenchie does - I'm glad he won HoH!
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  17. Derek X and Xavier are very pleasing to the eyes.

    I'm shook how promising the women seem to be but I'm not getting overly optimistic yet. Apparently Frenchie is big on BB Twitter? Maybe he won't be the trash hick CBS casted him as.
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  18. The fact that he said Derek F reminded him of his best friend says a lot. I think there is more to him than what’s on the surface.
  19. Frenchie also (I missed it but my roommate pointed it out) had #BLM or something on one of his tractors in his taped piece? I think he's going to be a delightfully surprising guy.
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