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Big Brother US - Season 23 (July 7th)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Macsun, May 14, 2021.

  1. For what it's worth, he says in his bio that he is a proud member of the NAACP.
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  2. Do we talk about the feeds here? I don’t have them but follow along on Twitter and by all accounts Miss Frenchy is serving cracked out HoHitis MESS already
  3. I think we did last season when shit started getting messy…..let the games begin!
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  4. Feeds are all good to talk about, but I think we just do spoiler tags if you talk about like who played/won the Veto, who was nominated, who was the replacement, etc. etc. that hasn't aired yet, even if they get revealed on the live feeds.

    Speaking of that
    Frenchie's Noms...
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  5. Wow. I knew he was too good to be true.
  6. I'm pretty sure I've read the noms are just who will be least pissed since the goal is to backdoor
    a "jock".

  7. Poor Spoilergirl dddd.
  8. Might I actually stick with this for a whole season instead of just watching highlights after the first few episodes? This cast seems decent and not Frenchie giving some promise cause he really does seem to be good people but hopefully that elimination tea is true.

    A shocking back door move would be awesome and set things off right but could backfire.
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  9. I mean, I do feel a bit bad for Frenchie. He was intent on eliminating the right person, and got screwed over by the surprise game - and Christian’s team, who all made a crappy decision. That said, he should not have promised to keep literally every other housemate safe for this very reason.

    Also, Alyssa sucks thus far, so…
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  10. I sort of feel bad but don’t? Stuff like this happens when you overplay the game and make too many promises this early. Frenchie is being a bit messy and the houseguests are taking note. I’m glad a “jock” is still up though.
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  11. Frenchie has to be going next week. He's doing way too much. Says something, goes back on it. Says something else, changes his mind. Plus the Slaughterhouse having pretty much the entire cast in it or knowing about it. It's like the most pointless thing.
    Also glad that
    Derek X avoided being put on the block, by winning the veto. Good for him.
  12. Hahahaha now his pool is getting even smaller. I don’t see Frenchie going anytime soon. He’ll probably be at the low-end of the totem pole being used as a pawn in nominations throughout the season.
  13. Frenchie is a mess, he gave me whiplash during that episode.

    Derek X is a total snack, more of him please! I'm impressed they managed to cast a lot of likeable people this year (hope this doesn't age like milk!)
  14. DX is dreamy.
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  15. Frenchie had already accused Xavier of threatening him (he wasn’t) and said Kyland snapped at him (he definitely didn’t)

    The 4 white boys were all chatting last night and said the untrustworthy people in the house are Xavier, Kyland, Derek F, and Derek X. I wonder why.

    And now Hannah is being talked about as the replacement nom.

    Can we just stop having white men on this show please.
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  16. What in the f*ck. They're ridiculous.
    He's so threatened by all the POCs and they've literally done nothing to him.
  17. [​IMG]

    So it begins…
  18. This is the most promising cast since forever! A lot of them came to play and I’m glad they got a lot of amazing women who are not afraid to play this year, watchout for Tiffany she’ll go super far
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  19. Tiffany has been the biggest surprise for me. Even with the diversity commitment coming through with the cast I guess I expected her to fall victim to oldest woman/a woman/a black woman early boot. She is so astute, clever and plugged in to the dynamics of the house. I'm really rooting for her (along with Claire, Azah and Sarah Beth).

    Just once I wish I could stan the sole gay man in the house but he is so far up Frenchie's ass. Thank goodness the women have Frenchie clocked/want to rope in Derek X.
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  20. Tiffany is already onto Frenchie and is exclusively referring to him as Fry from now on. She’s been slowly putting in seeds that he’s untrustworthy to multiple people in the house. At this point, I am already a Tiffany stan and haven’t liked a player this much since Danielle Reyes. Don’t let us down, Queen.

    Fry tried to create an all girls alliance with him called “French Kiss.” The girls played along but rebuked it afterwards. He’s now trying to tell his bigger alliance that the girls approached him.

    Tiffany, Claire, Azah (the best 3 of the season and it’s not even close) and Britini just formed an alliance called the King Slayers that I’m praying works out.
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