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Big Brother US - Season 23 (July 7th)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Macsun, May 14, 2021.

  1. I feel like people usually flock towards the first HoH... But he's been so offputting.
    I haven't followed too closely with live feed stuff but, just hearing him be like "I want to get the meatheads out because I don't like them" then has 1 conversation with Brent and says "Huh, maybe there's more under the surface........... Let me target one of the OTHER meatheads!" like... Sir, What are you doing?
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  2. Tonight’s episode was great! Seeing Frenchie’s HOH implode has been so satisfying. I’m glad that it exposed him and made it him vulnerable. He was playing too hard.

    Love that Tiffany spearheaded the Cookout alliance and would love to see it go as far as it can.
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  3. Tiffany is the one to watch.
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  4. Rob


    This season has started off... terrifically. There's a lot of exciting gameplay and plenty of people to root for. Colour me perched.
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  5. Yeah, Frenchie needs to leave. It's week one and his word means nothing on top of some pretty erratic gameplay already...mess.

    I'm manifesting a Tiffany/Cookout win next week, that alliance already looks promising!
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  6. Kyland won HoH! To think we were this close to Brent winning.
  7. Oh, I was SCREAMING at the TV in horror.

    Julie said that Travis was trying to blow up Frenchie's game. I hope that has some impact on this week and they work to get him out. No one would be surprised if Kyland put Frenchie up in return for putting him up, so the blood on his hands would be minimal.
    But i'm sure Kyland isn't going to run around promising a bunch of stuff he will then have to go back on, like Frenchie did week 1. So it should be a much better and way less hectic week, aside from whatever the Wildcard might bring.

    Also... The team stuff is already so irrelevant.
  8. So glad Kyland won the HOH instead of Brent. Ideally Frenchie and Brent go on the block but I wonder if he''ll go for a safer option.
  9. Ok but can we have more people focusing on getting Christian & Alyssa out? Frenchie played it all wrong, but they are the most insufferable people in the house & he made a point by targeting them.
  10. I'd rather Frenchie or Brett go before them, but yes these two round up my bottom 4.
  11. Yeah Alyssa plugging her swimwear brand (Which only goes up to a Large, "XL Coming Soon") is so cringey. I just need her leave based on that.
    But I'd love Frenchie to go next.

    Even though week 1 was a mess, having a season where a jock dude goes home first is really nice. Even though Travis was like "It's ALWAYS the muscular jock that leaves first!" when it literally never is.
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  12. you missed “it’s the white guy with abs that leaves first…”

    I seriously was put off by that.
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  13. Rob


    I'm so glad Julie's threats/inspirational sign off quotes have returned.
  14. Ah yes, that was the quote. I was paraphrasing but I do remember my strong "That's... Not even true?" reaction. Like... boy. Now i'm glad you left.

    It's my favorite part of the live episodes, honestly.
    I almost wish they were more crazy and ominous. Sometimes they're a little time. This weeks was like "Be courageous!". Her first one was like "remember the golden rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you." ... it was so spooky! More of that please.
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  15. Julie is so weird. I love her.
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  16. Travis was sort of right in that the white dude with abs is always immediately "a target" but they usually benefit from fellow white bros and thirsty white girls, which keeps them in the game for weeks. They rarely are first boots.

    Also living for dream boat Kyland's nominations!
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  17. Scream!
  18. Sounds like a pretty defeated attitude. There's still a veto comp to be played today.
  19. It's just the delusion for me, he really thinks he did something last week? If he wins the veto he's going to be unbearable.
  20. Oh GOD Kyland is stupid though

    Like yeah PLEASE throw it to Frenchie to get Frenchie to use it on Britini... WHY would he EVER do that?
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