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Big Brother US - Season 23 (July 7th)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Macsun, May 14, 2021.

  1. It looks like people are just playing him at this point ddd, he's doing the absolute most this morning...

    We love to see it.
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  2. They really are the best duo in the house dddd.


    Derek F is lost emotionally and spiritually.
  3. Derek F being attracted to Frenchie...
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  4. I just caught a glimpse of the feeds and it looks like someone is being overdramatic about their nominations. I don’t officially know who they are talking about but I can guess who. With the houseguests talking about the situation so reasonably (Tiffany/Azah), this is shaping up to be a great cast!


    DDDDD I'm not even 10 minutes into Sundays episode and Tiffany is skull dragging Frenchie about the rouge votes withought revealing to the other houseguests the deal they had. I LOVE HER!!!
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  5. Last night episode was The Tiffany Show and I loved it.

    I read something went down between DF and Tiffany. I hope it's not true.
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  6. She’s on par to dominate the show if she stays low but I don’t see that with her personality….

    Apparently she and Derrick F did get into it. Derrick F commented on how she should be careful on how she addressed Derrick X during a certain situation. From the live feed I saw they both apologized to each other but I see them clashing again
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  7. I feel like Hannah is the only houseguest really fading to the background, no?
    Everyone else has had little moments (I mean, Frenchie targeted half the house)
    But even contestants that would usually just float on by, like Sarah Beth- but going winning the wildcard comp instead. Like, it's a pretty strong group this year.
  8. Surprisingly a lot of the women are. It wasn’t until this week we saw something from Brittini and she seems like a firecracker!
  9. Have to pop in to share that I've laminated my Tiffany Stan card. An absolute treasure.
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  10. Everytime I see Claire, I just think of how she was a backup addition to the cast. Like you don't belong here.
    Who was the other one again? Christian?
  11. I think it was Christian or Travis - someone with that type of hair for sure.
  12. I think Frenchie is getting eliminated this week but I honestly wouldn’t mind them both going home cause they’re the two most annoying houseguests tbh ddd
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  13. No offense but i don’t mind these straight white males going out the door one after the other. The only one I don’t mind (yet) is Brent.
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  14. Uno


    I'm a flop and haven't started the season yet but planned on binging to catch up. Is it any good so far, y'all?
  15. Yeah. Just having more diversity in the cast has helped it tremendously and there's a lot of good players who actually came to play.

    I'm sure some stupid twists will come and ruin everything. But. For now it's pretty good.
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  16. This cast definitely feels refreshing. I haven’t had time to watch the feeds this season until tonight but I’m gravitating towards Tiffany, Claire, and Derrick X.
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  17. She's way better than the woman she replaced. It's not even close.
  18. Do... we know anything about the woman she replaced? Other than that she got COVID
  19. We know she’s trying to charge people $100 for Cameo videos…
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  20. Uh... Who does she think wants a cameo of someone who was cast on a reality tv show but had to drop out before filming?
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