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Big Brother US - Season 23 (July 7th)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Macsun, May 14, 2021.

  1. I’m watching the feeds…
    Dddd not Tiffany scheming with Clair and Kylin to get Brent out already.
    You have to stan this queen!

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  2. nn literally every single person there wants Brent gone including his teammates.
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  3. Take away from tonight's episode...Frenchie is one of the dumbest players in BB history and Britini is annoying as fuck!

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  4. I'll be honest, I don't know enough about autism but Britini being so emotional over being nominated made me feel bad. Like girl, this is the entire show. And you're clearly not even the target?
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  5. Uno


    I’m an episode or two behind but really glad they got Frenchie out quickly. I love this cast and him, Travis, and Christian are the only ones I really don’t enjoy so it’s been a great season so far.

    Tiffany, Claire, Sarah Beth, and Azah are all amazing.
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  6. Alyssa and Christian have been doing some under the blanket kanoodling so I guess we have our first official showmance of the season.
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  7. Brent is shook he didn't get even one girl that was interested in him and he's likely to be the third boot!
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  8. I saw, maybe here? maybe twitter that Brent was really being offputting towards the girls. Kind of douchey. So not surprised he'd get 0 girls interested and be a nominee.

    I hope Britini isn't going to be targeting Xavier now for putting her up as, once again, probably more of a pawn.
  9. Is this season worth catching up on and watching, girlies?
  10. I'm a couple of episodes behind but did Brent reall go "As we say in Italian, 'Ciao!'" dddd
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  11. That corny shit is all production meddling hahaha

    Other than Frenchie’s implosion nothing really dramatic has happened. I think things will get nasty when the Cookout alliance starts crumbling…
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  12. Honestly someone please get Britini out, her “raps” give me so much second hand embarrassment
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  13. I have not been able to stand her since someone here posted one of her TikTok’s before she even entered the house. She is insufferable.
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  14. I am mortified by every single thing Brit says or does which makes me feel guilty... but

    And also you have not had to "fight for your life every day in this house" you have been nominated against two massively targeted, soon to be near-unanimous evictees!!!

    It's so nice seeing these obnoxious men go out one after the other but the season is calling for a power flip, just not sure how it will fracture just yet.
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  15. If Britini ever wins HOH, she's going to go on a rampage. Why doesn't ANYONE tell her "Your clearly not the target".
    She got ONE vote last week.

    If anything it's just going to put more of a target on her because her motives are an absolute wildcard.
  16. Well I take that back. Brent is just…
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  17. I really hope no one tells Brent before his eviction that he is going home.
    Last night's episode was maybe one of the funniest episodes i've ever seen. He was like "I have the votes to stay"... Cuts to every single person who secretly hates him.
    Then he was like "Kyland, You have to convince Christian not to use the veto on Britini because I have a better chance at beating her than anyone, she's the target.". And Kyland, Christian and Xavier were like "Ooookay, great! We weren't going to use it anyways but now Brent thinks he convinced us not to"
    And he thinks Xavier is going to walk out of this looking stupid.
    But tonight that camera is going to zoom in on Brent being shocked. And since it's pre-jury, Julie can totally just reveal "Yeah, All the girls were tired of your douchebaggery."
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  18. Brent’s delusion has truly been one of my week’s highlights. I cannot wait to see his face tonight when he gets the actual blindside of the season.

    That said, if Britni were to somehow end up going home, I would also be thrilled.

    This remains a Tiffany Stanning Thread and I hope Azah gets it together. She at least understands the rest of her alliance is just playing the game, but I need her to keep her heart from her head.
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  19. Yeah Azah was out there doing way too much for Britini. Like... Gurl Britini is not worth all this energy. Especially when you know she's not even the target? And once again: Last week she got ONE VOTE. This is a lot of emotion for safe.

    So yeah, I wish this was a double eviction and we could just get rid of both. Hopefully Britini won't won HOH.
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  20. The drama is really going to start when The Cookout alliance implodes. I would love for it to stay intact until the end but Azah being the “crack” anything could happen. Im sure Tiffany has the foresight to weed out any detriment to the alliance (if that’s her endgame).
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