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Big Brother US - Season 23 (July 7th)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Macsun, May 14, 2021.

  1. The boot order has been so satisfying that I worry Britini, Christian and Whitney (who I'd ideally have leave next) will skate by and likable houseguests like Sarah Beth, Claire and Derek X will end up the cookout's hitlist. Simply because things rarely go the way I want with this show!
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  2. I can't see Sarah Beth ever being a target. She is just so jolly and upbeat and delightful. She's going to float on by for probably awhile, unless she wins more things and puts a target on herself. I could also see her being used as a pawn -- and being way less dramatic about it than Britini does.
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  3. You may be surprised! She's accidentally shared info with people who are in the same alliance more than once and there has already been calls of her being hard to control/manipulate by the power players (Xavier, Tiff, Hannah).
  4. Rob


    The shady editors doing Brent so dirty last night was life giving. He must be truly insufferable, has a houseguest ever been so unanimously hated?
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  5. So is this when this season falls off the rails?
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  6. I'm a bit disappointed Brent wasn't more shocked. I'm also a bit sad Julie wasn't more forthcoming with information with him like she often is with post-jury evictees. He really was like "Yeah I know I was a big target, good for them for getting rid of me. I knew they'd want to get out someone as great as me" I just wanted Julie to be like "Actually they got rid of you because they don't like your douchebag personality."
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  7. Derek F ruined the surprise unfortunately!

    Julie's interview was terrible - literally just asked him the same question over and over again basically.

    I'm not a fan of Christian but I'm excited to see what happens drama-wise - the majority of the house will be scrambling a bit to rejig their plans!
  8. Did he? I had read that the producers called Derek into the diary room to tell him not to. I didn't think he did.

    But yeah Julie was really trying to claw for a juicy answer that Brent was just nottt getting to because Brent did not understand why he was evicted. That's why I wish she had just been blunt and told him.
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  9. It was such a fluff interview... The producers are ready to cast him on Love Island or The Challenge. Bookmark this post.
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  10. With Christian as HOH, it’s almost guaranteed. The worst possible outcome.

    Also agree that Brent not getting a reality check about his delusion made for boring TV.
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  11. Yes this cast is nice and all but this season is missing a train wreck element that I enjoy about BB. I guess it’s still early days but Britini seems to be the only one unraveling a bit after Frenchie. Everyone else seems almost too normal and likable. I want some messy fights and meltdowns.

    To be fair, I’m not watching the feeds this year really, so I’m sure there’s a lot of good stuff that hasn’t made the air. The broadcast editing tends to usually be pretty trash regardless of how compelling a cast is.
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  12. So is Christian's plan what Alyssa was saying in the first half of yesterdays episode? Put Whitney and Hannah on the block with Whitney being the target?

    I think this week will be a treat, if only someone wins veto or uses the wildcard advantage. We've had no one use the veto yet. But having a midweek shakeup is so fun, I want to see it happen.
  13. Yes, but the Cookout is trying hard to steer them away from targeting Hannah.

    I was hoping Britini would win HoH just to see the mess!
  14. I don't like Christian, but him winning is actually a good thing because it's going to start turning other players against each other in an effort to stay safe. There are too many big and overlapping alliances... the perfect makings for a super messy second half of the game.

    I'm enjoying how many players are actually there to PLAY this year - Tiffany, Kyland, Hanna, both Dereks, etc. I guess the first few episodes haven't been as dramatic and messy as other season launches, but they've been more strategic (similar to BBCAN seasons) and that's when things usually pop off more and more as the season goes on. The flipside is getting all the good players out early and being left with an unwatchable backhalf of the season like we had with All Stars last year.
  15. Yeah this cast gets a 10/10 so far for being decent people and strategy, we just need to see if they can deliver on the true mess of when alliances crumble. It's a really hard balance to get right, see BB15's iconic and messy game play but truly disgusting human beings littering up the overall season.

    I guess the season with the twins and Vanessa (17?) had a lot of good game play and a mostly likable cast (I still stan hit by a train legend Becky and of course it gave us Da'vonne), and BB20 had the dueling alliance excitement with more likable people than awful ones.
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  16. I just hate seasons where one side of the house wins everything and takes people out one by one until they have to split their side and go for each other. I like when things bounce around and back and forth.

    The cast is great, I love the diversity and I like how pretty much everyone is here to play with their head in the game. But I don't know, i'm kind of missing a wild reality show character archtype. Like a Rachel Reilly. I need a big blow up "Floaters grab your lifevests!" at some point and I'm just not sure we're going to get that.
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  17. Uno


    I’m really hoping Whitney is able to win veto and pull herself off. I don’t enjoy when the obvious target goes home every week so I’m hoping her needing to be replaced will erupt into mass drama.

    Christian, Alyssa, and Derek F are the only ones I’m not actively enjoying.
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  18. I thought Derek F would be the life of the party but he’s mopey as fuck.
    Whitney, Derek F, Britini, Christian..I wouldn’t mind seeing them gone soon.

    Sundays episode:

    Im glad Claire took that wildcard reward. She’s going to be sitting pretty and hopefully it’ll have a halo effect on Kylan and Tiffany. Whitney and Hanna were the obvious choice but I hope Hanna stays. I loved Hanna’s diary were she admits she could give two shits about Christian.

    I’m telling you guys the real drama is going to start when the Cookout starts going after each other. I need them to stay intact as much as possible with their pawns Claire, Derek X, Sara Beth, Britini (ughh) being used to battle other Cookout members.
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  19. Yeah but we've seen "One big alliance winning everything and dominating everything until finally there's no one left and they have to start picking off each other" seasons so many times. So I wouldn't mind an actual shakeup. Even though I do like them.
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  20. It seems like Britini will be the only not-in-a-massive-alliance houseguest left if Whitney leaves, in which case... we now solely need the alliances to fracture for it to get good. A Britini HOH would probably just mean a Kyland/Xavier nomination for revenge.
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