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Big Brother US - Season 23 (July 7th)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Macsun, May 14, 2021.

  1. I feel like Tiffany is going a little too hard now, unfortunately as she's one of my faves.
    She's set loose this rumour making people think that Kyland and Sara Beth are actually "America's Couple" and they are secretly in a relationship and therefore knew each other before the show.

    Also, I love how nonchalantly Derek X was willing to throw away the Royal Flush by putting up Sara Beth.
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  2. The Sara Beth nomination was definitely Hannah in his ear. I called it when I said the Cookout would use pawns to take out non members and it’s working. Hannah and Tiffany are the strongest players but will come to blows sooner than later.
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  3. Derek X throwing out that trash alliance brought me such joy! As did seeing Britni on the block once again.

    I’m also worried Tiffany might be playing too hard this early in the game. It’s making her a fan favorite, but I get more and more nervous with each episode that it will blow up.
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  4. Tiffany is still the most well positioned player at the moment - she is definitely playing hard and overthinking things, but she's been able to pull herself back most of the time. Right now, no one seems to be targeting her at all so hopefully she can keep it that way for the next few weeks!
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  5. Derek X is doing what he had to do this week - king!
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  6. So Britini won the veto, took herself off. Christian is the replacement nominee. I really hope he leaves. Just to get a strong player out and break up him and Alyssa. I think that's everyone's best interest. But I feel like Sara Beth will probably be the one leaving.
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  7. Has anyone noticed Big D's difficulties with saying the phrase "I vote to evict"? I had assumed he simply tripped up on his words the first time, but I don't think he's said the phrase properly once. I'm curious to know if he's brought it up on the feeds? He doesn't even seem to notice.
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  8. His family clarified on Twitter

  9. Uno


    Why would they be going after Sarah Beth over Christian? Make it make sense, please.
  10. I'm assuming the target has changed since the last episode (the thread tries to keep feed info in spoiler tags)? If so, SB makes sense for clearly being way more strategic than Christian. They're probable banking on him not winning every comp, which is a fair gamble.
  11. Uno


    I'm an episode behind, so I'm not even sure who the target is - was just my assumption, not spoiler! Apologies. I'd imagine Christian would be the one they want out - I doubt Derek X would ever put him up if he didn't have the numbers to make it happen.
  12. Have Kyland, Derek X, or Xavier had a dick-slip on feeds yet? Asking for a friend.
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  13. From the Sunday episode the plan was to backdoor Christian, no idea what happened with the veto though. Derrick approached everyone (Britini, Azah, SB) to volunteer as pawns (which no one agreed to ddd).
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  14. Xavier had like three in just the first week
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  15. If you're going to watch tonight's episode for anything, do it to see Kyland's shorts in the veto. Oh my god. I'm sorry.

    Also found it hilarious to highlight Britini throwing her head left and right and SCREAMING.
    Kind of sad they cut out Alyssa complaining after the competition that it was rigged and that her helmet was too big for her. When clearly Britini's helmet also looked too big and she was doing just fine. Like just stop being a sore loser and move on.

    Also, is this the first time they've left the veto meeting on a CLIFFHANGER? How tedious.
    So I guess I now have to continue to spoiler tag it.
    I think it's great that Derek X is coming after the showmance. I don't want this season to turn into Christian and Alyssa dominating everything so getting him out before Jury is just so fun for me. No showmances this season. I hope they actually vote him out.
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  16. What a cop out having the Veto ceremony as a cliffhanger..are the ratings down?? I'm scratching my head as to why Derek X is being so sympathetic towards SB and Alyssa. He should have stole that money from SB and never revealed his plan to it's biting him in the ass.
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  17. At least he revealed his plan to her AFTER the veto comp. I feel like some people blow to the wrong people who they are trying to nominate before the competition even happens
    But, in the show the comp and meeting takes place in the same episode but in real life the comp happens on Saturday and the meeting happens on Monday so it's 48 hours of gameplay they squeeze down.

    Real curious how they're going to have time tomorrow to show the veto, everything that's happened since Monday - including a severe back and forth within the house of who to keep - and then the actual vote, eviction, and at least some if not all of the HOH.
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  18. For anyone watching the feeds, is Derek X talking game with anyone outside of the Kings? I feel like the rest of the house must be on his side to take out a King, but they haven’t aired any such conversation. I would imagine everyone outside of
    Alyssa & Xavier
    is thrilled with his decision, but again, they haven’t shown anything.

    As much of a cop out as that cliffhanger was, it’s been great TV. Derek X is that agent of chaos I need.
  19. Yes, he's very close to most of the house. Actually pretty much everyone.

    The editing this year is especially trash but thats probably due to so much game talk, the editors aren't used to it, but they really don't do a good job of showing the relationships between some of the houseguests.
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  20. The boot order has been fantastic. Grodner is going to make us pay for this next season.
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