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Big Brother US - Season 23 (July 7th)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Macsun, May 14, 2021.

  1. The first ever all white male jock season!!1!
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  2. Kyland
    won HOH.
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  3. The fact that I was barely paying attention to the episode in a way that I didn’t even notice there was no HoH comp…
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  4. I'm only halfway through the episode and I'm FUCKIND DEAD!!!

    " Britini, Tiffany needs you in the HoH room."
    Azah and Derrick: "ok let's go!" DDDDD


  5. They will just NOT let Britini be a damn adult and take care of herself. It was comical. It's Big Brother, private one on one conversations happen all the time... You've got to let them happen.
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  6. This season has been such a delight so far. Honestly, their best in nearly a decade!
  7. This has been a great season. The only person getting on my nerves right now is Tiffany. I liked her at first but she’s pushing it.
  8. Tiffany is just playing the game HARD and I love that about her. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a woman play like this. The fracture in the Cookout is bringing reality TV gold and I hope it gets more chaotic/dramatic soon. This cast is fantastic!
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  9. How the hell is Britni among those who received the highest amount of votes?! Who are these fans?!
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    This High Roller twist is very needed to shake things up. I laughed out loud when Tiffany used her money and lost the veto challenge despite Claire telling her NOT to play.
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  11. That's what I was thinking...

    And what's funny is
    Kyland is going to use the 2nd veto to veto Claire and replace her with Britini. So it's possible Britini will leave this week, which like, let's hope she does. It's her time. Although Derek F can leave too because he contributes nothing
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  12. This new trend of keeping the veto meeting for the eviction episode is annoying as f- and needs to stop.
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  13. I know I hate it!
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  14. Yeah it's annoying... Like, the veto meeting happens in real life on Monday. So to wait until Thursday to show it is annoying. And in this episode, it's PRETTY obvious what is going to happen.
  15. It’s so frustrating, especially as this has actually been a great season, but they just had to find some way to ruin it. It makes the Wednesday episode feel so pointless, which is even worse considering it’s the one we have to wait the longest for.
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  16. Exactly this...I might as well just watch the live feeds.
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  17. Don’t do it Derek X!
  18. Welp, Tiffany and Hannah are probably going to be Sara Beth's targets this week.
  19. That live kiss between Ky and Derek F was unexpected!

    So did Derek X actually throw the competition? He could have easily won HOH if he went through the regular route.
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  20. Bye Britni! Her final rap & exit interview delusion exemplified why I can’t stand her.
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