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Big Country UK Singles Rate 1982-1994 The Harvest is here. NO1 Revealed. RATE FINISHED.

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by simes1970, Mar 29, 2019.

  1. One more week to get those rates in with scores and comments if you can. Thanks in advance.
  2. I'm listening to the songs now and really looking forward to some discoveries. I loved the Blancmange rate!
  3. I will get cracking on this later on this week!
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  4. My scores (and commentary) are in!
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  5. Just a reminder that the rate closes at midnight on 14th May, with the results starting soon after that.
    The plan is to follow this rate up with Nik Kershaw Singles Rate The MCA years 1983-1990
  6. HERE!!!!!
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  7. And suddenly I've got the connection, I knew Stuart Adamson before:

    Listening to the songs again while watching how I lose at PJ00s ... :)
  8. My scores are in - sorry no commentary - but I will post some commentary as @simes1970 does the reveal!
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  9. It's the last day for anyone that has been hiding . Votes in by Midnight. Then it's off to collate the scores.
  10. Due to some last minute voters coming on board it has been extended by a couple of days. Now closing Thursday at midnight.
  11. The countdown shall start midweek. Just finishing off the rate now adding the scores and averaging the tracks.

  12. 21st Beautiful People Score 26 Average 5.2 Highest Score 6 (Hairycub1969) Lowest Score 5 (Simes1970, Remorque, Filippa EricGeneric)
    A step too far for me. Too countryfied for my liking. Though at the time I thought it was a brave choice for a single, looking back it didn't make sense after Republican Party Reptile.
    Comments Include
    "More like a country song." (Filippa)
    "Average, uninspiring song from a sadly disappointing album, after the fun Republican Party Reptile rebirth." (EricGeneric)

  13. 20th Hold The Heart Score 33 Average Score 6.6 Highest Score 8 (Filippa)
    Other Scores 7 (Simes1970 EricGeneric) 6 (Hairycub1969) 5 (Remorque)
    This is a strange one for me I am not that keen on the lyrics but love the instrumentation on Hold The Heart.
    Comments Include
    "This one actually grew on me a little, but I still stand by my lower score... It's so un-Big Country-like, but the melody's there and the production's clear, yet it could be a bit shorter." (Remorque)
    "Heartfelt!" (Filippa)
    "A pretty, but overlooked ballad. Stu Adamson did ballads really well. Released at completely the wrong time and stiffed as a consequence." (EricGeneric)
  14. Amen! This just isn't Big Country-esque and it seems like a totally different band... I mean... I could get why they went American with Republican Reptile Party, but this is taking everything a step too far. It's fucking boring and there's no way I'm ever going to actively listen to this one again... Stu doesn't even sound like himself!


    I have to say...

    This is going swimmingly so far!
  15. "Beautiful People" is quite a good song - but it is unbelievable (oh) that it is Big Country though!
    I would have never guessed it was them!
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  16. "Hold the heart" is quite a nice Big Country ballad...but they have done better ballads though!
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  17. Two in particular!
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  18. Watch out for the naughty step! My lips are sealed - I won't mention any singles that have not left the countdown yet!
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  19. Exaclty how bloated was The Buffalo Skinners? I tried to sit through it yesterday and didn't make it to the end...
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