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Big Country UK Singles Rate 1982-1994 The Harvest is here. NO1 Revealed. RATE FINISHED.

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by simes1970, Mar 29, 2019.

  1. I've bought it twice (1993 original, a 00s reissue) and still never managed to listen to the whole thing either.
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  2. Been a busy week. The next reveals shall take place this weekend
  3. Looking forward to it but take your time we're not in a hurry!

    The most notable thing about the songs of Big Country for me is that I seem to wait for something that somehow never comes. That's something I had to get used to but then I really enjoyed their songs. I'm glad I did the rate.

  4. No19 Alone Score 24 Average 6.8 Highest Score 8 (Simes1970, Eric Generic, Remorque)
    Other Scores 6 (Hairycub1969) 4 (Filippa)
    Lead Single from the Buffalo Skinners sees the band try to recreate the earlier material which both succeeds and fails in equal measure. Strong track.
    Comments Include
    "I'm a bit basic for the fact I love me a good Bon Jovi classic and this is exactly what it feels like. Not Big Country... But Bon Jovi. Yes... I went there." (Remorque)
    "It’s a bit bland" (Filippa)
    "Another rethink in 1993 brought about an artistic backtrack to something more recognisably Big Country-esque. It was good to see them back in the Top 30, but it's heavier than their 80s heyday." (Eric Generic)
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  5. We are about to lose the first 12 of the rate

    No18 Where The Rose Is Sown Score 35 Average 7 Highest Score 12 (Hairycub1969)
    Other Scores 7 (Remorque) 6 (Simes1970) 5 (Eric Generic, Filippa)
    This track starts well but then descends into Big Country by the numbers. It isn't a bad track just works better in the context of an album rather than single track
    Comments Include
    "A mess. Mistakenly released just before Christmas 1984, and it effectively tanked the whole Steeltown era just weeks after the album triumphantly debuted at #1." (Eric Generic)
    "Somehow too hectic for me." (Filippa)
    "I appreciate its anti-war message, but the production's still as muddled as on East of Eden and oh my God its_been_84_years.gif since I pressed play..." (Remorque)

  6. No17 Just A Shadow Score 36.5 Average 7.3 Highest Score 9 (Simes1970)
    Other Scores 8.5 (Remorque) 7 (Eric Generic) 6 (Hairycub1969, Filippa)
    There is something that grabs me with this track and draws me in, perhaps it's the almost ballad like sound
    Comments Include
    "Melody and production-wise this is definitely the best single from Steeltown. It has that clear guitar riff and Stu's performance is fantastic." (Remorque)
    "I really don’t like the guitar here." (Filippa)
    "Arguably the best song of the three Steeltown singles, and the closest to the formula that served them so well on The Crossing. The public weren't buying it, though. Quite literally." (Eric Generic)
  7. I knew that my 12 would go early - but for me "Where the rose is sown" is the best thing they ever did. I love the whole messiness of the instrumentation/arrangement/production. It fits well with the lyrics. I love the way the title is the last line of the last verse. To me the lyrics reflect the way the soldier has been educated and conditioned to believe in the war they're fighting in....trying to justify it...full of sadness...sadly the lyrics are still relevant today in 2019, just as they were in 1984...making it timeless.
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  8. No16 Harvest Home Score 37 Average 7.4 Highest Score 10 (Remorque)
    Other Scores 8 (Simes1970, Filippa) 6 (Eric Generic) 5 (Hairycub1969)
    I must admit I did not like this back in the 1980's but since then it has grown on me now I find it a strong opening gambit for the band.
    Comments Include
    "This song sounds very grand, yet it's production values are quite basic. That guitar is everything though. Fantastic performance too." (Remorque)
    "I like the song; the chorus is really powerful. The only thing I have to complain about: those long guitar solos. But it seems everybody loved guitar solos back in the 80ies." (Filippa)
    "A decent start, but understandably not their commercial breakthrough." (Eric Generic)

  9. No15 Peace In Our Time.Score 37.5 Average 7.5 Highest Score 10 (Filippa)
    Other Scores 8 (Hairycub1969) 7 (Eric Generic) 6.5 (Remorque) 6 (Simes1970)
    Sorry to say this almost got my lowest score. It doesn't go anywhere, doesn't hold my interest.
    Comments Include
    "Get a computer to come up with the archetypal Big Country record and it would probably sound like this. Not as lame as One Great Thing, but nothing special. The Boy With The Thousand Yard Stare should have been the album's third single." (Eric Generic)
    "I get what they were going for to try and make kind of an anthemic chorus, but they've failed on all counts here. And what even is that mess of a production?" (Remorque)
    "I don’t know why this wasn’t a hit. I love it." (Filippa)

  10. No14= Save Me Score 38.5 Average 7.7 Highest Score 10 (Hairycub1969)
    Other Scores 8 (Simes1970) 7 (Eric Generic, Filippa) 6.5 (Remorque)
    The track to promote the first greatest hits collection back in 1990. It has something but I can never quite put my finger on it. Big Country Sound tick, Guitar to the fore tick fast paced tick . Strong without being great,
    Comments Include
    "To be the lead single for a Greatest Hits package, this is extremely underwhelming... It has a solid melody and the verses are adequate, but the chorus just fails to leave an impression... I never listened to this one before the rate actually!" (Remorque)
    "Solid piece of rock." (Filippa)
    "Fairly routine song to help promote the long-awaited Big Country Greatest Hits set. As is usually the case, it's fine without being exceptional." (Eric Generic)

  11. No14= Ships Score 38.5 Average 7.7 Highest Score 12 (Simes1970)
    Other Scores 8 (Eric Generic) 7 (Filippa) 6.5 (Remorque) 5 (Hairycub1969)
    As already stated Stuart Adamson certainly knew his way around a ballad. First recorded as a piano led piece for 1991's No Place Like Home, it was given a rock makeover for 1993's Buffalo Skinners. This song just hits me right in the heart. Very melancholy and looking back was Stuart writing about himself and how he felt? We shall never know,
    Comments Include
    "Reworked from the 1991 album No Place Like Home (along with We're Not In Kansas), and one of its few standouts. Gave them consecutive Top 40 hits for the first time in years." (Eric Generic)
    "Maybe this is their ballad I like most. But it’s the verses I really like." (Filippa)
    "I don't think I've ever once finished The Buffalo Skinners in one sitting, because it's way too overlong and that's exactly what the problem is here... Editing, you guys! It's literally the its_been_84_years.gif since I pressed play and my patience has run out." (Remorque)
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  12. No12 One Great Thing Score 39 Average 7.8 Highest Score 10 (Filippa)
    Other Scores 8 (Simes1970, Hairycub1969) 7 (Remorque) 6 (Eric Generic)
    I think looking back I may have scored this higher than I should, but that is the problem with it, listening to it in the correct mood it really is superb but objectively it's a mess let's throw everything at it and see what sticks.
    Comments Include
    "Although this is a great song in some ways, I can't help but feel it's a kind of recycled version of earlier and better songs..." (Remorque)
    "This was just too cynically anthemic for me, as though the record label had told them the album needed an obvious single in case the first two choices went tits-up." (Eric Generic)
    "Listening to the song you have to feel good!" (Filippa)
  13. Aww, just following this rate causally but expected “One Great Thing” to go a little further. In my endless search of mid/late 80s dance charts I’ve seen the Big Baad Country Mix of it did fairly well in the US Modern Rock/DOR (Dance Oriented Rock) club scene.

  14. OK I know "Save me" is a bit "Big Country by numbers" (the chorus is dying to sing "Look away, Look away") but back in Spring 1990 I was glad to have them back! I remember "The Chart Show" played it a lot!
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  15. Picture the scene - Summer 1986 and Frankie goes to Hollywood go to the local "pool bar" to "shoot" some "balls" and put BC's "One great thing" on the jukebox. The record keeps jumping and the boys are trying to sing along with "One" and their famous "Hurgh!" and voila - we got the "Big Baad Country Mix" add in some sleazy sax and it's ready to go for the NYC Meatpacking district night clubs!
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  16. Big Country and dance mixes. Whatever next.

  17. No11 Broken Heart (13 Valleys) Score 40 Average 8 Highest Score 11 (Eric Generic)
    Other Scores 10 (Simes1970) 7 (Remorque) 6 (Filippa, Hairycub1969)
    Behind King Of Emotion this was the strongest track on the album. It has something that draws you in perhaps the gentle guitar work here is advantageous.
    Comments Include
    "I definitely see what they were trying to do wih this one and that's make an epic sounding song featuring some unusual instrumentation, but... though I do appreciate the song when it's taken off it never really quite gets there in the end. And how about a bit of editing, eh, chaps?" (Remorque)
    "Nice ballad." (Filippa)
    "The absolute gem on the otherwise underwhelming Peace In Our Time. If only this had been recorded and released in 1984. Even their finest work was now being ignored by the public." (Eric Generic)

  18. No10= East Of Eden Score 40.5 Average 8.1 Highest Score 10 (Hairycub1969)
    Other Scores 9 (Simes1970, Eric Generic) 6.5 (Remorque) 6 (Filippa)
    It is the guitar that makes this. Song itself is OK but taken to another level with the instrumentation.
    Comments Include
    "From that difficult second album. The muddy production hampers this, as it does everything on Steeltown, but there's an undeniable atmosphere on this which still manages to come through." (Eric Generic)
    "This song kind of makes me nervous. " (Filippa)
    "Though Stu's performance is great, it's the production that lets this one down in my opinion. It's a bit much and there's not really anything to grab onto..." (Remorque)
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  19. No10= Teacher Score 40.5 Average 8.1 Highest Score 9 (Simes1970, Hairycub1969)
    Other Scores 8 (Eric Generic, Filippa) 6.5 (Remorque)
    For me this is the strongest single from The Seer. The album itself is superb but it wasn't really a singles filled album. Yes it had Look Away and One Great Thing but it felt better as a whole album rather than individual tracks. This one though does have some atmosphere about it.
    Comment Include
    "I love the whole instrumental part! " (Filippa)
    "Always sounded like two completely different song ideas bolted together. I liked the moody instrumental bits, and the verses, but not the chorus. Still a surprise chart flop at #28." (Eric Generic)
    "Whereas previous singles actually had some kind of fun in there, this one is Big Country on automatic pilot. More of the same and not very inspiring..." (Remorque)
  20. Tomorrow we have 2 at 8= and 2 at 6= leaving the Top 4 standing alone with at least one surprise in there.
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