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Big Country UK Singles Rate 1982-1994 The Harvest is here. NO1 Revealed. RATE FINISHED.

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by simes1970, Mar 29, 2019.

  1. Wow, two of those elminations hurt.
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  2. Haha I wish they’d had a few more dance mixes. I think “Look Away” and “In a Big Country” are their only other things I’ve ever heard in a club and I love both of those.
  3. I loved the messy production sound of "East of Eden"!
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  4. 8= Look Away Score 43 Average 8.6 Highest Score 10 (Remorque, Hairycub1969)
    Other Scores 9 (Eric Generic) 7 (Simes1970, Filippa)
    For me there isn't a major issue with this song. it's just there, not quite strong enough as a lead single for me.
    Comments Include
    "This definitely was a return to form after the Steeltown singles that were definitely missing that Big Country touch. The melody's there, the production's fantastic and Stu's performance is fantastic." (Remorque)
    "I like the chorus." (Filippa)
    "A strong return after losing ground with the previous two singles, and perhaps necessarily over commercial. It hasn't endured as well as their imperial phase hits." (Eric Generic)

    8= Chance Score 43 Average 8.6 Highest Score 10 (Simes1970, Eric Generic, Hairycub1969)
    Other Scores 7 (Remorque) 6 (Filippa)
    I really am a sucker for Big Country ballads. Strong and atmospheric.
    Comments Include
    "The debut album's highlight and a deserved #9 smash in the late summer of 1983. Proved there was more to them than the bagpipe-guitar anthems." (Eric Generic)
    "I get that they probably needed to release a ballad-y moment of whatever after the first songs were so epic, but this one just never caught on with me. It's a bit Men at Work-ish, n'est-ce pas?" (Remorque)
    "Not so bad but a bit boring?" (Filippa)

  5. No6= In A Big Country Score 44 Average 8.8 Highest Score 10 (Eric Generic, Remorque, Hairycub1969)
    Other Scores 9 (Simes1970) 5 (Filippa)
    The Big Country sound as it's called is in full effect here. Great track.
    Comments Include
    "I don’t know it’s not bad, but somehow lame." (Filippa)
    "This has always been one of my favourites from the band. That guitar loop never fails to give me the feels and Stu's vocal performance is one of his best. I'm living for the faces he's pulling in the video too." (Remorque)
    "Slightly more sophisticated, and another instant classic. Broke them in America too, weirdly!" (Eric Generic)

    No6= Heart Of The World Score 44 Average 8.8 Highest Score 11 (Simes1970)
    Other Scores 10 (Filippa) 9 (Remorque) 8 (Eric Generic) 6 (Hairycub1969)
    Pure rock out track this one. Very catchy from the outset. Funny that my 2 favourite singles come from the 1990's considering the majority of the bands output was earlier.
    Comments Include
    "This one slipped through the cracks at the time, being neither on the Greatest Hits from just a few months earlier, nor part of any studio album. A strange move." (Eric Generic)
    "The bagpipes sound again! And yeah that’s rock how I like it!" (Filippa)
    "Now this is a bop! It's nowhere near as epic as their first couple of singles, but that chorus is a fucking moment and I won't hear otherwise. They won my attention back with this release and rightfully so..." (Remorque)
  6. So that leaves us with a Top 4 of Wonderland, King Of Emotion, Fields Of Fire and Republican Party Reptile, but in what order? All shall be revealed soon.
  7. Umm, I just assumed “In A Big Country” would sweep the rate! (And most likely with “Look Away” as the runner-up.) Color this American shook! (And yes that’s “color” with no “u” because I’m an American!)
  8. Wow. I never saw that coming.

    And not @Filippa tanking Chance and In A Big Country!
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  9. I'm a mixed up cub at the moment: I gave "(In a) Big Country" a 10, however in the Retrochart thread (we're up to June 1983) - the single doesn't even crack my Top 40!
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  10. I'd have predicted a Top 4 something like:

    Look Away
    In A Big Country
    Fields Of Fire or Chance

    (in no particular order).
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  11. Oh I'm sorry you guys if I made the unexpected happen and disappointed you.

    In a Big Country suffers the problem I sometimes have with Stuart Adamson as song writer. I like the vocals, I like the bag pipe sound but I was so disappointed in the chorus. It's not a chorus for me. And without a proper chorus I find it hard to like a song.

    That's why I didn't buy Frida's Shine although Frida is and has always been one of my favourite singers . At the first listening the songs were strange and I thought: what's that? And then I fell so in love with the first verse of Heart Of the Country and then the chorus. I was waiting and waiting and then the second verse began and I refused to listen any longer and finally bought the album only years later. And Heart Of the Country is still not my favourite song although I like it better than the first time I listened to it.

    So when you all say these songs are so good, I guess you're right and I need more listening but in the time I got more than three times for each song wasn't possible.

    P.S. Favourite because I learned Oxford English in school although autocorrection always suggests the American spelling. :)
  12. No need to apologise, everyone's tastes are equally valid. Even @Hairycub1969 is coming up with some "interesting" scores!
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  13. I second that emotion! Nearly 30 years later - I'm still shocked that "Save me" never made the UK top ten let alone the top 40!
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  14. I didn't vote, but if you'd asked me before the rate I'd have guessed "in a big country" and "king of emotion" as the runaway favourites.

    I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing that "king of emotion" is so different from a lot of their output.
  15. Let's kick off with a surprise in 4th place

    No4 Wonderland Score 44.5 Average 8.9 Highest Score 12 (Eric Generic)
    Other Scores 10 (Haircycub1969) 8.5 (Remorque) 8 (Simes1970) 6 (Filippa)
    Strange one for me this. It is typical Big Country so I should really like it but it lacks something that stops it from being excellent rather than great.
    Comments Include
    "Fantastically evocative record, so wintery and romantic. They never really bettered this. I remember being stunned that it debuted so high at #13 in the Top 40, but I had yet to understand the power of fanbases." (Eric Generic)
    "A great EP-track that was released inbetween the first and second album. It could fit in nicely both on The Crossing and Steeltown, so they did a nice job. Doesn't quite hit the same heights as the first singles though." (Remorque)
    "I like the lyrics." (Filippa)
  16. WONDERLAND DID NOT WIN THIS???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Okay, that's a big shock.
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  17. I find it fascinating with these smaller rates how the scoring ends up. It seems with the rates I choose to do they throw up surprises such as Heart Like A Wheel nearly winning the Human League Rate. Just like the next one I plan to do Nik Kershaw MCA UK Singles Rate 1983-1989, only 12 tracks to vote for but I expect a few surprises in that as well.

  18. No3 Republican Party Reptile Score 45 Average 9 Highest Score 11 (Filippa)
    Other Scores 10 (Hairycub1969) 9 (Simes1970) 8 (Eric Generic) 7 (Remorque)
    A surprise this made the Top 3 but very consistent scoring for this the first track from No Place Like Home. A lot heavier than the LP before, this made all the right noises, lyrically not too great but an out and out rockier edge.
    Comment Include
    "This is maybe their rockiest song at all. Why didn’t they get more recognition for that? I think it really works!" (Filippa)
    "Though I kinda hate the American accent on display here, I'm guessing that's what they were going for? Again, I have to completely put the early image of the band on the side to enjoy this, but having said that... I kinda enjoy this for what it is. Kind of a bop with a politically charged message. Still... Far from their best though." (Remorque)
    "Total change of direction and creative rethink for this, just a year after the Greatest Hits. New beginning, false dawn or dead end? Hard to tell but it was a ballsy thing to do and I admired them for that." (Eric Generic)
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  19. Surprised to see both "Chance" and "Wonderland" not make the top three!

    Just "King of emotion" and "Fields of fire" left!
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  20. The winner shall be revealed later tonight.
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