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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MollieSwift21, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. What an incredible final episode. I had chills in the last 10 minutes. So stunningly acted and beautifully filmed. I had an idea of the whodunnit victim but that did not take away from the level of complete amazingness that was delivered, and throughout the show. I'll miss it terribly!
    Nicole is probably my favourite actress of all time, but Reese edges her out slightly in this for me (although obviously both completely wonderful). Reese just anchored everything. Actually forget that.....I'm torn. Both just delivered so much in this show. And of course Laura Dern needs an award as always. And Shailene, I'm not a huge fan, but you definitely pulled it together girl.

    Also had completely forgotten that Nicole was at one stage engaged to Lenny Kravitz, Zoe's father.

    Aaaargh, those final scenes.. I had tears and chills.
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  2. Big Little Lies Hits New Ratings High: 2.5M Tune in for Sunday's Finale

    Sunday’s season — and likely series — finale of the star-studded drama pulled in 2.5 million viewers on Sunday night across all airings, hitting a new ratings high, our sister site Deadline is reporting. That includes the 1.9 million viewers who watched the 9 pm ET premiere airing of the finale, which marks a 34 percent jump in viewership from the previous week’s airing.

    Compared to February’s premiere, the finale — which solved a season-long mystery by revealing
    Alexander Skarsgard’s Perry as the person who died
    — grew a whopping 68 percent in total viewers. And those 2.5 million viewers will be just a drop in the bucket once HBO totals up all the multi-platform viewing; the series was already averaging more than 7 million viewers each week, with all the DVR, streaming and on-demand views factored in.

    Unfortunately, it looks like HBO won’t be able to capitalize on these big numbers: Big Little Lies was billed as a miniseries, and director Jean-Marc Vallée insists “there is no way” it comes back for a Season 2. Or is that just a hint that HBO needs to open up their checkbook? Those Monterey beach houses aren’t cheap, you know.
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  3. Thoroughly enjoyed this series, probably more than I have another one in a long time, but wish I hadn't seen that finale coming from two episodes ago.
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  4. I mean nobody who hasn't read the book saw the Bonnie thing coming though, so it was still fresh and sufficiently "twisty" if that's what you needed.

    Such an incredible final episode. I get to write about it all day at work which is nice, because otherwise I'd just be distracted thinking about how brilliant it was.
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  5. I'm going to miss these women. I wish they'd just made a film out of this rather than essentially dangling the carrot.
  6. A film wouldn't have given us so much...

    A great end to the series, full of tension, and the twists, whilst a bit obvious, were absolutely in keeping with the story. All the scenes on the balcony were great, and I loved how the women came together in the end, after not exactly being unified throughout.
    Superb tv, I'm glad it's a one-off as I feel their story is now told.
  7. One of the most satisfying hours of television I've ever experienced. I've watched it three times and could keep it on loop for ages to come. I'm still taken aback at how beautifully they handled this and wrapped it up. It felt rewarding in so many ways the book did not, and proved how necessary the preceding six episodes were to get to this point. I'm still not entirely sold on the Madeleine/Ed affair storyline considering it was created for the series and didn't get much closure despite the amount of time dedicated to it, but everything else was so good it's an easy thing to get over.
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  8. The slow burn of this series was so achingly beautiful. The whole thing was just exquisitely paced, and kept you hooked through brilliant character development and the unspoken messages behind the scenes. It's refreshing to watch something so captivating that never had to resort to cheap twists or shocks.

    I think Season 2 is something I'm just not interested in, because the logical continuation of the storyline would naturally lend itself to perhaps more soap opera esque troupes that would cheapen the brilliance of season one. I hope they are brave enough to put their feet down and say no - it would be refreshing to have a near-perfect show preserved like this, without any diminishing returns that would inevitably come from future seasons.
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  9. I'd agree to an extent, but at some points I felt that they were employing too many 'shock-moments-which-turned-out-to-be-just-a-dream' sequences. Overall though I still really enjoyed this series.
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  10. I didn't really enjoy the finale and judging by the few comments above me, I am definitely in a minority here. Don't get me wrong, I didn't dislike it at all whatsoever, but I would rate it below all the other previous episodes (which, to be fair, were very strong and good TV.)

    Amazing (mini)serie nonetheless. It's a shame the whole thing was already obvious by the 2nd or 3rd episode, but the acting, production values and side stories were so great and well handled that it doesn't really matter.
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  11. I'm shook by the whole series. What a great show. I'd love another season for selfish reasons but I'm sure it would never match up to the quality of this so it's probably better left alone.

    I'm also listening to the soundtrack right now and it's so...chill. Exactly what I need.
  12. Most of those were obvious dreams or happening in characters head, so does it count? Like when Jane pulls the gun on Perry at the party.. you just know she didn't bring a gun so you just wait until reality kicks in again. But I would really enjoy less "Jane running at the beach" sequences.
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  13. Apparently Reese and Nicole have optioned another one of Lianne Moriarty's books.
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  15. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Moderator

    They changed so much of tone/feel of the book that's a little surprising they are going with another written by Lianne.

    I wish Reese would have gotten the rights to the Nightingale that she heavily promoted on her book club/Instagram.

    Also while watching the finale how terrifying was the shot where Perry just told Nicole about the property manager calling with them leaving while the camera stayed in the house.
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  16. That shot was probably the best of the series.
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  17. Just watched the last episode...and breathe. Best thing Nicole has done in a long time, reminded me why I use to love her so much....might put on Dogville now....
  18. Fantastic end to a brilliant series.
  19. Such a good series, and what a fantastic cast.

    Me either, and I really liked how most of Madeleine's conflict in the book was about how she felt betrayed by Nathan being the supportive husband to Bonnie that he never was to her and how she felt frustrated by having to raise Abigail on her own when he's so happy to be a good father now that he's with Bonnie. It was powerful.

    Nn I've read that too. Reese's instagram is the first place I go to for book recommendations, she's amazing.
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  20. Apart from all the ones previously mentioned, one of my favourite scenes in the finale was Renata, clueless as ever, cheerily knocking on the car window when Perry has Celeste trapped and won't let her out.

    Perfect balance of comedy and tension, much like the series itself.
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