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Big Little Lies

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MollieSwift21, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. Also I echo the hopes that Reese isn't too overlooked in favour of Nicole. Both were incredible in their own ways.
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  2. What a brilliant TV show.
  3. Also Bonnie's 'enough!' scream while she shoved, what a TV history movement.
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  4. The writer has suggested that there could be a second series that she would write specifically for television rather than a new novel.
  5. I hate this idea. Just let it be perfect.
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  6. I hate the idea but I also want a 2nd season.
    That zippo sound on the last binocular shot. Hmmmmmmm...
  7. Also when Ziggy sings Papa Was A Rolling Stone to his mum and she's thinking how cute but then she realises what the lyrics say...
  8. And the opening shot of the episode zooming slowly into the grate, as you hear what sounds like fighting...bit it's just wait..

    Then bam.

    Gutting. Truly.

    That shot was SO Lynch. Adore.

    Great show.

    Ridiculous soundtrack - basically my iTunes. Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole being Jane's running song! Literally same!
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  9. OK but I hope Chloe starts bopping to ABRA, Charli XCX and CupcakKe if there's a next season.
  10. Also


    Gordon in the gold Elvis pants mmmmm.
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  11. This all did ALOT for me.
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  12. When he checks out Bonnie dancing at Anebella's birthday party oooof.
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  13. I almost wish a little more of the aftermath was explored. Like people said, Madeline's affair plot line essentially goes nowhere other than Ed 'realising' which we never work out the results of, I feel I NEED to have more time with Celeste reflecting on what just happened, BONNIE'S actions... y'know. It was high-octane and I loved it, but considering the frame of the whole show was the police interviews after the crime, the end felt very quick.
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  14. I read in an interview that the point is that life will go on and the only resolution is that these women will be there for each other.
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  15. I actually would have liked to see some more focus on the kids in the finale. Like how did the school staff deal with the reveals, how did Amabella react to Ziggy spilling the tea, etc etc.
  16. Amabella totally started listening to BANKS and first album Tracy Chapman straight after.

    So if we liked this, what should we watch next?
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  17. Top of the Lake is a very good mystery show that might tickle your box. It's not Desperate Housewives: Deluxe Edition like this is, but it's very much a show that starts out as a crime mystery and evolves into a drama mystery.

    Wild is also a must, for three obvious reasons: Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern and Jean-Marc Vallée.

    Vallée's next TV-mini series, Sharp Objects is out in 2018, and also sounds amazing:

    "Amy Adams as Camille Preaker: A reporter recently discharged from a psych hospital. She returns to her hometown, trying to solve the murder of two young girls, all the while trying to overcome her own psychological problems."
  18. [​IMG]

  19. Top Of The Lake is an absolutely superb, throughly engaging drama... Maybe Campion's best ever work, and I am eager for the second season this year.
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  20. Need to watch Top Of The Lake - thanks for the reminder.

    Sharp Objects will be incredible. The book is fantastic, Vallée proves himself again & again, and the casting has been spot on.
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