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Big Little Lies

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MollieSwift21, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. Also worth saying that Top of the Lake season 2 is part of Nicole Kidman's Very Lit 2017 so get caught up!
  2. I've only just got around to the final episode and, oh my god, the moment where Shailene finally sees Alexander Skarsgard and everything goes into slow motion... I got chills. Fuck.
  4. Otherwise, I'm not sure that was a satisfying ending from a narrative standpoint. The show spent so much time on storylines other than the death at the party that it feels weird it was the only one wrapped up properly.

    Second season needed imminently.
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  5. Finished this over the course of about three days and thought it was fucking great. The whodunnit/whowwasit could've been a little more satisfying, I guess, but that became such a subsidiary element to my enjoyment by around the third episode anyway. All the leads were fantastic and very it looked amazing throughout.
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  6. Yeah this is my only complaint. Odd choice to NOT have a wrap up episode. It was crying out for it. It wasn't a murder mystery for the whole show (despite the framing), so that being the end was a little unsatisfying once the adrenaline left your body.
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  7. Was there a single redeeming male character portrayed in this? Even the kids were portrayed as such (bully/enabler, even sex pest) and nicety-nice coffee shop guy showing his 'caring' for Jane with a macho display ...
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  9. I assumed you were old enough and smart enough not to be one of 'those' people ...
  10. Does... it matter?
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  11. Not in a way that affects my enjoyment of the show ... It was just an observation I felt was worthy of bringing up ...
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  12. No it's you that's old and stuck in "all genders matter" mode.
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  13. As I said above, it was an observation that didn't affect my enjoyment of the show one bit ... But it certainly didn't make me feel like 'that'll teach men to fancy women' ...

    And for the record, my 'mode' tends to be 'some people matter, some don't' ...
  14. Males were portrayed super accurately. If the were better behaved... not realistic.gif
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  15. The show did an excellent job at portraying male loneliness in my eyes. I recall somebody posting earlier in the thread how it displays the male characters quite stereotypically; always clashing against each other, head first into conflict, resorting to violence. There was no male friendship being portrayed.

    I don't think the portrayal was inaccurate, I can imagine a lot of straight men in their 40s having lost touch with other male friends. Perhaps it could have nuanced what that actually does with these men, but just because the show didn't come out and say "ooh male loneliness and depression is an issue" doesn't mean it wasn't there.
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  16. Yeah, but though empathetic characters, the women weren't exactly portrayed as amazing women, they were all realsitic, complex characters. The show wasn't afraid to show their darker sides either.

    Madeline was a meddling, cutting and selfish adulterer who was constantly trying to get a one up on Renata, who was also rude as well as egotistical, selfish and ruthless. Bonnie was seen as being way too "chill" to the point of total lack of moral judgement with her parenting and Jane was carrying around a fucking gun.
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  17. I get that, it was a show about how how human character is formed by our flaws and our reactions to (and against) the flaws of others ... but with those flaws comes some level of empathy and understanding, which I felt was missing from any male character ...

    A child (Ziggy) came closest but only after being portrayed as a sex pest ...
  18. But this was this story.
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  19. I didn't say it was right or wrong, I just mentioned it was something I had perceived whilst watching ... as you say this was essentially the story, but to use a (even slight) variant of this trope for every male character exaggerates the point to almost caricature (see 'knight in shining armour presents himself to damsel in distress and dismounts his steed and removes helmet' for details) …
  20. I think male and female characters were fairly and equally represented.
    And this is real life, straight males rule the world sis.
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