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Big Little Lies

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MollieSwift21, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. Silliness (but thanks).
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  2. Yes please. Thank you.
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  4. I just assumed that her character was Australian, longtime resident in the USA?
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  5. In fact, am trying to remember - doesn't her Australian accent start appearing during therapy sessions, the more emancipated she becomes? As if she was ashamed of it and hid it for much of her marriage, then starts letting it slip through...

    Kidman is pretty flawless when it comes to accents, so I am pretty certain that it's intentional... (think Toni Colette in Velvet Goldmine)...
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  6. I never understood people getting critical about accents. it's so unimportant!
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  7. It is when you're supposed to have never left New Zealand/Australia yet have a half-American accent (hello Elisabeth Moss in Top Of The Lake!)
  8. Think is a theory I hadn't thought of for me.
  9. Ha. I feel like that theory for Nicole's iffy American accent in BLL is a bit generous, but, sure, let's go with it. Moss' dreadful attempt at an accent in Top of the Lake was so distracting, I couldn't get past the first episode of Top of the Lake. Perhaps I should give it another shot since Nicole will be in s2.
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  10. Nicole's accent was all over the place at certain parts but her performance throughout the whole series was great.
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  11. Someboy

    Someboy Moderator

    I thought it was her usual 'American character' voice? Never noticed, let alone bothered me once.
  12. Because there's nothing more fun than joining a party three months after everyone already left, I just watched the whole series this weekend and read through the thread. You've all said it all already, so the only thing I have to contribute is:

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  13. Scream I though this was the new 'WIG', as in you liked this so much your 'rethra is shook etc
  14. I mean Alexander does do QUITE A LOT for me.....
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  15. I'm surprised Michelle Pfeiffer didn't do the Renata part seeing as David E Kelley had such a hand in the series.
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  16. It also crossed my mind when the show was announced if she would be a part of it. I wonder if we'll ever see her in one of his shows. They've been together for so long and she knows his projects are of quality and succesful. And she's very proud of him you could tell when watching them at the Emmy's.
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  17. Big Little Lies has officially been renewed for a second season.
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  18. Hmmmmm
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