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Big Little Lies

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MollieSwift21, Feb 17, 2017.

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  2. Laura Dern keeps being everything.
  3. Every scene she has with Jane just further convinces me that Mary Louise is a monster. Literally a monster.
  4. I'm just glad they didn't have Celeste snap at the trial as everyone advising her not to was suggesting. The scene with Jane going to Mary Louise's house was amazing.
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  5. Just give me a Dern supercut. Honestly, her scenes are incredible & the only things worth watching.
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  6. I fucking love this show asdfgjrhlgljsj
  7. A last minute witness is such a soapy trope...

    ...and I'm totally here for it.

    Think it might be Mary Louise's ex-husband?
  8. “Stress management”. Gordon, you’re the next dead husband.
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  9. Give Zoe her Supporting Emmy Nom! That moment, that monologue; I felt all her pain. Just a stunningly beautiful but real moment.
  10. "I keep a masturbation diary". I screamed.

    Nicole Kidman and Meryl Streep are going to sweep all the awards for this aren't they? Nicole in the "main" categories and Meryl in the supporting ones.

    I hope Shailene gets a nod or two though, she's been incredible this season.
  11. This episode sort of perfectly encapsulates the season so far to me: great moments in-between weird, choppy scenes and a snail-paced plot. Nicole and Zoe were fantastic, but too much of the episode felt cut and pasted. The scenes with Shailene and her boyfriend were weird, and when she showed up at Mary Louise's house the ADR was atrocious. It also took way too long to actually give Bonnie something to do. It feels like we spent ages just watching her sit by her mom's bed. Aside from Celeste and sort of Bonnie, everyone feels like their basically in the same spot as episode 2 or 3. I'm hoping the finale shakes things up a lot.
  12. I did not need that scene between Adam Scott and the woman who was wronged by Madeleine in seaosn 1, its placement was so jarring.

    However, that was a great episode. Exceptional stuff from Nicole, Dern, Shai and Zoe. I feel like Reese isn't really being given that much to do which is shame...
  13. I simply have to share this here. Genius.
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  14. Ed remains completely insufferable. I’m glad him and Madeline finally had a moment at the end of the episode but this idea of staying with someone you resent for the sake of your kids is so archaic. I’m glad he finally thawed a bit with Madeline at the end.
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  15. I find court room scenes in dramas incredibly stressful. This was no different.
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  16. As much as it was great to finally have scenes lasting over 2 minutes there was something still off about the whole thing. Really hope the finale gives a huge ass moment for Nicole and Meryl to go all out with their acting.
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  17. I mean, is there any doubt they'll deliver on that front?
  18. Well, I really enjoyed that episode.

    The only misstep for me was Jane banging on Mary-Louise’s door. We needed a scene beforehand explaining Jane’s motive or state of mind.
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  19. Give Nicole and Meryl all of the awards. Laura continues to steal every scene she’s in. I’ve never stanned so hard in my life.
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