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Big Little Lies

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MollieSwift21, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. I’d genuinely like to see all 6 of them nominated. But categorising them could be hard and will definitely not be a true representation of their roles. They’re all the lead actors in my opinion. I think you could maybe say that Celeste is the main character around whom the others revolve, but even that feels a bit inaccurate.

    I suppose it would be Nicole, Reese and Shailene in Lead, and Zoe, Laura and Meryl in Supporting. I actually would be inclined to put Meryl in Lead swapping her with Shailene, but I imagine they will want to separate Meryl and Nicole so they both win.
  2. Why am I only now finding out that Meryl's real name is... Mary Louise?
  3. She's mentioned it in chat show interviews before. I'm pretty sure she said that her Mum's name was Mary, as well as her maternal Grandmother etc.
  4. Re: nominations, I believe that this season will not be eligible until the following Emmy Awards, as they missed the cut-off dates for this year's Emmys. So, don't expect to hear their names tomorrow. Also, I believe that next time they will be competing in the general Drama category, not Limited Series, so they'll have a lot of competition.
  5. The slow unraveling of Bonnie has been played brilliantly, Zoe has been a revelation
    to me that speech alone made this episode.
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  6. Can’t believe we’re already at the finale when practically zilch has happened thus far.

    I will miss watching these women after next week tho. It’s a shame they were totally wasted this season (except for Laura ofc)
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  7. That court room scene. Nicole is a fucking God.
  8. Okay Bonnie's storyline got a little too real for me.

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  9. The biggest lie I’m seeing is ppl saying nothing has happened this series.
  10. I love how the promo for the last episode is along the lines of ‘the lie was the friendships we made along the way’ dddd
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  11. This is all very correct. Next year, they’ll also have the struggle of anyone remembering this season a full 12 months later.
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  12. I want this show to go on forever, I don't care.
  13. In what world was Mary Louise possibly a lead? Besides the first couple episodes the good sis was serving Cersei Lannister last season where she was basically just staring at things most episodes and in a good day deliverying 2 or 3 lines before disappearing. We only give her more attention because of the actress playing her. Reese, Nicole and Shaileene were obvious leads first season (with Shai trying the supporting category to stand a chance) but this one Reese kinda took a step back with they not knowing what to do with her character.
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  14. Yeah, her confronting her abusive mom hit a little bit too close to home.
  15. This is probably a very basic question, but why can't they use self defence as the reason as to why Perry was killed?

    Given that he was being abusive and violent at the time of the incident (with multiple witnesses), and also the fact that his abusiveness to Celeste and Jane is common knowledge now, why wouldn't "self defence" be a reasonable case?
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  16. upload_2019-7-16_19-37-44.png
    Who knows.
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  17. Because then they wouldn't have a story to tell.
  18. Yeah I was thinking about it during the episode and it makes absolutely no sense for them to have lied really. And not to have just said they were pushing him off Celeste, (who he was in fact attacking at the time) in the commotion, rather than 'he tripped and lost his balance'.

    But whatever, it's good TV.
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  19. They shoulda let Celeste be Australian. I stan, but Nicole’s accent comes out every episode and it drives me nuts nn.
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  20. This is Nicole in every non-Australian role she's played...yet somehow she's still one of the best actresses of our time. Talent!
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