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Big Little Lies

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MollieSwift21, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. A camp/gay classic tibbs.
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  2. This finale was worth the price of admission alone, but did make me realize this would’ve worked better as a 2-hour film rather than a season-long mess. That said, the ending left me whelmed; should’ve been the ending of Episode 1, but I get that the investigation (unfortunately) wasn’t the point of this season at all.
  3. All those ominous shots of the bridge for what, aesthetic misdirection?

    I admire it.
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  4. I know there are plenty of things that weren't perfect about this season, but the show remains some of the most enjoyable television out there. My main irk about the entire season was basically that it felt rushed and each episode was so short; ultimately resulting in all of the storylines conveniently wrapping up.

    I do wish we got to see Andrea Arnold's cut.
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  5. There was SO much crammed into that finale that could have been slowly rolled out over the season.
  6. Dddd Nicole went in

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  7. that’s it. I wanted to see them all in jail and ruling the roost.
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  8. The court scenes were incredible this last episode, the rest were not. They really could've made this a 2 hours long episode and truly offer some closure on these incredible women's stories.

    I kinda feel they might be thinking of a third season though ddd. Or a movie to truly wrap it all up.
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  9. Potential crossover...
    with Orange is the New Black? Or Season 4, episode 1 of crazy ex-girlfriend?

    I liked the finale and thought it was a fitting ending of them taking responsibility of the incident and not living the lie. I really hope they DON'T do a third season as it was wrapped up well enough.
  10. Nicole has said she's up for a third season.
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  11. I...highly doubt this'll be the end. Was the detective who keeps turning up even in this episode?

    So the end they all went to turn themselves in or...?

    Because I feel like why did Nicole go through all that with her kids because Mary Louise can certainly take the kids now.
  12. Nicole was sensational.

    But other than that the finale was just okay. Definitely more enjoyable than the previous eps.

    I actually kinda hope they do season 3 to come back and redeem themselves.
  13. LiK


    I don't see the reason for a 3rd season there's no more lies. The detective's case is pretty much over since they'll confess.

    I'm more than content with the way it ended.
  14. The 2nd season was unnecessary but I enjoyed it. The only thing that was a letdown is Bonnie's part because it feels like they just didn't know what to do with her. Her mother dying drag on for too long and Bonnie realizing and telling Nathan she never really loved him seems out of character - I get that she had a messed up childhood but it sure seemed she loved Nathan in the 1st season.

    Mary Louise was truly something though. She acts all innocent and clumsy but them she goes for the jugular, she is such a mean woman.

    Also, I hope not all of them are going to confess and are there to support Bonnie because having Celeste fighting so hard to keep the boys only to throw it all away is a bit crazy.
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  15. That's my issue with it too. They never once in the first season hinted at her not being happy with him. Which is clearly because this is something they came up to give him a bit of a plot on season 2. Also just full on saying "I never loved you" is just... mean.
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  16. The more I think about it the more I pick holes in this season (the why did they even bother to lie being the biggest) but there wasn't a second of this season where I wasn't entertained, so whatever, get Emmys I guess.
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  17. Don't get me wrong, I could watch this cast forever, but it's truly mindblowing to me that they didn't take more time to polish the story for this season. Let's see:

    - The Nicole and Meryl arc had the most anti-climatic conclusion, and too many times verged on telenovela (the whole thing in court where they're describing where the body would have fallen had he tripped was too much for me to handle);
    - What was the point of all the scenes with the detective? I get that she was helping Meryl nail Nicole on the stand, but it could have been played out a lot more dramatically;
    - What was Zoe doing all season? The water scenes? Her mom's stroke after touching someone ... the whole scene building up her killing her mom and having her dad come back for his keys?! LMAO
    - Laura was a standout, now imagine if her story had been more utilized and not just be a random opportunity for her to be dramatic
    - Reese too was just floating all season
    - And then Shailene... I mean...

    Anyway, I'm just disappointed with David, especially knowing the whole director debacle. My guess is the first cuts were a lot more artistic and could have helped these senseless scripts, but guess we will never know.

    Would I watch a season 3? ABSOLUTELY, but I hope they don't do it. You could actually copy-paste the very last scene of season 2 on the season 1 finale and have the perfect series.
  18. And... as annoying as that storyline was we didn't get an answer, will Abigail go to college or?
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  19. I loved the final episode. Please give Laura Dern all the awards!!!
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  20. I’m...torn.

    The finale suffered by having incredibly disproportionate stakes: Celeste’s storyline was the major plot and everything else felt too tidy by comparison. I think I would’ve been more satisfied if they’d wrapped the plots up organically but instead we got:

    -Bonnie’s confession that she never loved Nathan right after her mom dies even though we’re meant to believe they subverted the oddly matched couple trope in season 1 and that she had helped Nathan overcome a lot of the issues that seemed to ruin his marriage with Madeline.

    -Ed reaching an epiphany after punching a bag for several consecutive days, prefaced by a mean spirited bait and switch just to get another jab at Madeline.

    -Renata destroying the only source of money they had in a fit of rage despite desperately needing income.

    -Jane having no real development outside of ‘she can have sex now’ without any context for how she got there.

    ...and there was the convenient final hour reveal about Mary Louise’s past despite Celeste apparently sitting on this information silently while she was being harassed and threatened. I don’t know girls, I defended this season up to the end but they needed to either commit to these storylines or lean into the soap full stop. Instead we’re meant to rationalize the journey while suspending disbelief on the finale.
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