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Big Mouth (Netflix cartoon)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by spillett, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. Anyone watched this? It's about kids and puberty and they have these hormone monsters getting them into trouble. I only just started watching but it's pretty funny.
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  2. Superb, one of the funniest things this year.

    Kristin Wiig's cameo still makes me howl thinking about it....

    Hey Gurl Hey!
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  3. Oh which episode it that? I'm only on no.2
  4. Ready for The Hormone Monstress's debut album.
  5. I watched it all the week after it came out. It's absolutely hilarious. Maya Rudolph is my favourite by far.
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  6. This show is insane in the best way, and the cast is great.
  7. The hormone monstress is a legend.
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  8. Legendary.
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  9. Literally when will the rest of your faves???!!??

  10. Watched a few episodes tonight - hilarious!
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  11. This show is honestly the most insane thing I've ever seen but I love it.
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  12. The pillow having a baby.....ha
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  13. I literally thought I was stoned when watching, this show is insane.

    But hilarious and I love it.
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  14. Do people watch this when they're not stoned?
  15. This show is insane and amazing and I'm in love.
  16. I'm still thinking about the way Maya Rudolph pronounces bubble bath all these weeks later.

  18. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    My little papoosa
  19. She’s not “your mom” anymore. From now on you call her... Shaynun [thunder]
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