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Big Pop Girls 2016 VS Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Dec 5, 2016.

  1. Really? There’s a working legal stream here.
  2. RJF


  3. [​IMG]
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  4. You have time to figure it out.

  5. LTG


    It was Rise’s fault Hillary lost.
  6. Random scoring based on song titles it is then!

    ...and maybe @Robsolete's iconic gif post too...
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  7. Well hopefully the good sis will put it on streaming in a few weeks and we won't have any problem that makes me throw out ballots hmm?
  8. LTG


    I still can’t believe you only gave it a 9.
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  9. And you know who else still can't?

  10. RJF


    Will your rate generate this kind of iconic mess?
  11. @LA Hallucinations please keep your calendar clear thanks
  12. Katy, Taylor, Demi & Miley would be a massive kii (throw Kesha and Gaga in there to lighten the palette ddd)
  13. At least Witness would be spared the last 10 places.
  14. Not when Malibu AND Younger Now are going top 5
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  15. The rate is for big pop girls though
  16. Miley shares initials with Mariah and Madonna. Put some respeck on ha name.
  17. Seriously though, Witness and reputation obviously qualify but after that... there's reasons not to include any of the albums being mentioned. Pink and Kelly have always sort of existed outside of this group (largely down to their styles and how they're marketed) and Ke$ha again is a weird one.

    And Miley ain't getting past security anymore with those first week sales.
  18. Have there been other BPG rates? If so who Into You'd?
  19. Beyonce XO'd in 2014.
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  20. Precious if I did that I'd have to put in that new Eminem song too. Lines must be drawn.
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