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Big Pop Girls 2016 VS Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Dec 5, 2016.

  1. RJF


    The forum collectively gaslighting itself into stanning for Rita Ora this year has been insane to watch. There are bops at least.
  2. So is @Petty Mayonnaise Britney or you're going to include her again?
  3. Sounds like this is another vote for including Rita in the rate [​IMG]
  4. I'll expect to be tagged with a "thanks for the idea" in the opening post.
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  5. [​IMG]
  6. I totally get this logic and agree with it for the most part, but can we really consider Halsey a Big Pop Girl over Demi?

    Also I wouldn't consider Lana pop, but I wouldn't be mad if she was involved.
  7. If I’m being deadly honest I’d do

    Taylor / Katy / Halsey / Demi / P!nk

    As the definite five. Demi is selling really well, Halsey’s album is one of the most successful of the year and P!nk’s fills the gap as well as being the most successful away from Taylor. Kesha could drop in too.
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  8. Hopeless Fountain Kingdom is the 2nd-best selling release by a woman this year.

    I'll take any exclusion of #1alsey as a direct attack against mixed-race sapphic women.
  9. In the US, yes?

    I’m not sure on its WW sales. I know Katy has done around 900,000 WW and P!nk over a million.
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  10. I'm American, sis. That is the world to me dddd I'm kidding.

    Though let me use WW figures to harass @Laura Vanderbooben about sticking in a k-pop album. Taylor ain't safe from the k-pop sub-forum hunties.

  11. That's nice

  12. I like that line up. I agree Kesha should be dropped in too. I guess I just don't think of Halsey as a Big Pop Girl because aside from Closer she hasn't had any massively popular songs and that one isn't even all hers. But I guess there's got to be room for new comers so Halsey makes more sense when I think of it like that.
    Although having Halsey but not including Kelly Clarkson seems weird. I mean she's had so many hits.
  13. Including Halsey and obviously Taylor and Katy, who else would you include if you were @Laura Vanderbooben ?
  14. Well, the top-selling albums by women in 2017 are:
    42. CTRL
    46. Beautiful Trauma
    63. Hopeless Fountain Kingdom
    92. Witness

    114. Rainbow
    115. Melodrama
    142. Lust For Life
    144. sweetsexysavage

    169. Tell Me You Love Me

    SZA's album is being rated in another rate for r&b albums, Melodrama & Lust For Life in the alt-pop rate, etc.

    So it's basically Kesha vs Demi for some last slot if going by stats.
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  15. I get this and it makes sense. I don't know how many slots there are but I'd like to see both Kesha and Demi.

    Is sales the big in big pop girls? If not then I think not having Kelly in there is an oversight.
  16. RJF


    This is like when y'all kept whining at me to wait for Katy last year, except it's ten times worse. Just take your forum-regulated annual round of homosexual foolishness and be thankful.
  17. Sis, nobody is whining we are just giving suggestions and discussing sales now sit down because we are adding pages to your thread.
  18. Nawt to be dramatic but I will not participate if I have to listen to Halsey and that would be a huuuuuuge shame to so many I'm sure.
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