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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Dec 1, 2020.

  1. How I Roll birthed PC beep bop music.
  2. K94


    Femme Fatale has hits - we're not gonna lie about that.
  3. Femme Fatale could possibly end up being my highest rated album in that rate. You can take the cigarette out of the Britney thread but you can't take the Britney thread out of the cigarette!
  4. I, too, am steamin' like a pot full of vegetables.
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  5. Whoever doesn't have 4 as their highest average in a 2011 rate doesn't deserve to stan Beyonce in 2021.

  6. RJF


    Hold It Against Me
    How I Roll
    Trip To Your Heart

    A cute EP. Maybe add the Ester Dean demo of "(Drop Dead) Beautiful" for the comedy.
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  7. RJF


    I... sometimes forget one of my earliest memories of you on this forum was in the 2016 VMAs thread begging other Britney stans to stop getting her dragged by suggesting she had done a better performance than Beyoncé.
  8. Glory being a solid effort and still being hideously out of its depth in the 2016 rate was a kii
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  9. 4 should be the entire top 5, capped off by my 11 (of all time): End of Time. Play that shit at my funeral tbh.
  10. I could've stanned anyone on earth and yet god led me down various roads of trauma

  11. Sigh... here we go again...

    Learning of how insane Britney stans on Popjustice were back in the day I can understand why there was a major pushback against her in recent years, and Femme Fatale hasn’t aged well (neither has Talk That Talk or even Born This Way to a lesser extent), but that’s in the past now. A lot of the drags feel like it’s just kicking her while she’s down, shitting on her like it’s still cool to do like what locals were doing to her in the first half of her career.

    Can we do a 2003 edition of BPG instead ddd
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  12. In all fairness, the past page has been mostly full of Femme Fatale praise.
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  13. It's probably been years since I've listened to Femme Fatale in full but it is probably my third favourite Britney album.

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  14. The only tracks off the album I still use ddd
  15. RJF


    Except no one dragged Britney or shit on her, sis. Britney's on vacation! I think she's just fine.
  16. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    I have long since buried any simmering stan war resentment about the EDM genre defying Femme Fatale but let's see if a retroactive forum rate won't scratch that itch

  17. I mean any time she’s brought up in any capacity there’s always a stream of negative comments or overused jokes at her expense.
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  18. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Revisiting 2011 would dig up so much PTSD let’s do it.
  19. "Not the End of the World" is such a massive 2012/2013 throwback bop. I scored it a 9.5 in Katy's rate and it's one of my favourite tracks from "Smile".
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  20. The fact my now-deleted first account (opened in 2006!) suspiciously stopped posting around the time when Femme Fatale and Born This Way were released is probably for the better. I was a longtime Britney stan and Paws Down truther who actually enjoyed Born This Way but enjoyed the stan wars more. My jump the shark moment was waiting for Britney to perform in the desert only for her to throw up in a helicopter while a flash mob held up an image of her.
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