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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Dec 1, 2020.

  1. Levitating could take it if recency had a subconscious impact given that Levitating and its remix were smashing during the voting period. Physical could take it if the gays want to get it justice as the kind of lost single between Don't Start Now and Break My Heart. Break My Heart could take it being her biggest stone-cold classic of 2020 in the way Don't Start Now was, etc.
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  2. Pretty Please is top 3 on Future Nostalgia but considering it was the third cut from the album in the Dua rate I know it’s going to get done wrong yet again. The correct third cut from Future Nostalgia would be Hallucinate, but we’re still a long way from having that conversation.
  3. Because the premise of the conversation is incorrect. :)
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  4. I am manifesting Physical as the top Future Nostalgia track, and potentially the top spot overall.

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  5. RJF


    Sis................... Ariana is doing just fine. I can’t at you trying to spin her taking entire Top 3 in 2018 and nearly taking an album track to the top last year and going, “shame she’s hated so much for being so sweet and perfect :/”

    We love her, but patches of her taste occasionally run her albums off the road into a ditch, she has no taste when it comes to visuals, and she’s not the most exciting popstar to follow given her aversion to promo and good videos. That’s it. It ain’t that deep.

    And you are still repping for those rancid Pharrell tracks on sweetener three years on, well... I mean I honestly don’t believe a single human being has listened to “successful” since 2018, but okay.
  6. Not us having breakdowns for Chromatica and Positions already. Save some space for my Smile explosion girls!
  7. seriously
  8. that bullshit played well into fall 2019 at my old part time job and made me want to commit on the regular
  9. I just listened to “successful” earlier tonight ddddd.
  10. Maybe for me Positions will be a case of


    But for now I feel like Ariana has indeed been dwindling for a while. Dangerous Woman is a massive opus and career highlight. Sweetener has incredible highs but also some fillers. For Thank U Next it switched to more fillers than killers. And now Positions honestly feels all filler no killer for me. I need Ariana to move me with her vocals, to ascend me. Yet I feel bored. I need her to take me apart cause she has the power to do so. Speaking of Take Me Apart. How awesome it would be in my mind if Ariana would draw inspiration of the Kelela album by that name instead of her own leftover cutting room floor tracks.
  11. dddd sis, my post quite literally says:
    I literally also go on to make the point that obviously a pop star who is commercially successful in spite of not investing in tropes that pop fans love would not get the same kind of positive and feverish response that a pop star who fully embraces these particular novelties does.

    I literally say it's reasonable for someone who loves BIG. POP. ERAS. to be invested in Dua hungrily clawing for fame than they are in Ari's little pillow fort masterpieces, and I literally say I won't pathologize these people for this preference. I'm not here to prescribe reasons for behaviors.

    (I also have made this point before when people were trying to defend Gaga sleeping through Chromatica re: that a pop star who promises such novelties and then fails is going to generate a more negative response than a pop star who never promised such to begin with. I'm not claiming she's being pummeled like Gags and Katy are. I'm speaking clearly on what is a uniquely mild reception to the album on here).

    My point was that these varied expectations *do* exist and I'm simply giving positions its dues because I know the album is not going to fair well on here & that it's undeniable that at a certain point these things do impact how people perceive the music even a tiny bit. If y'all can feverishly doberman stan and defend Dua* as being unfairly hated and maligned by ugly jealous haters for luxuriously promoting lung cancer, ethnonationalism and the spreading of COVID-19, I think as one of the very few Ariana doberman stans on here, I can in jest give positions its props before the real knives actually start coming out.


    This also isn't a dunk on Dua as uniquely problematic or anything cause I was one of the people sympathetic to her on the Greater Albania thing ddd. My point is that people get wildly defensive in the name of pop stars over some wild shit so me defending my precious positions as not the most PJ-friendly is not that outrageous. Let me be histrionic and snatch some likes, sis!
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  12. tea


    love the good sis @Sanctuary but all this coming less than 24 hours after going in on a Miley fan is a bit of a kii
    however this will be me when my hair dips out before the top 20 so y'know glass houses will never drag me away etc.

  13. Well let's thank god that Plastic Hearts wasn't included cause y'all would have seen an actual breakdown if I had to see the people praising karaoke covers making "BORING RINGTONES!!!!" jokes, whew!

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  14. I do every single day

  15. i ain't readin all that
    ilysm tho
    or sorry that happened *cloud emoji*
  16. I still think Never Really Over deserves to be Top 5. Or more.

    Plus Don’t Start Now is an epic song many seem to underrate a bit because it’s 2019’s news?
  17. 'Never Really Over' still stacks as a classic but it had its dues last year and just won her own discography rate with a near perfect score so I think it doesn't need the win. The detractors hopefully dont take away too much though
  18. PJ: *new post notifications*

    PJ: "strangekin quoted your post in the thread BIG POP GIRLS 2020."

  19. Future Nostalgia: huge, unexpectedly brilliant pop era the likes of which we never see anymore

    Chromatica: forum fave releases divisive/poorly received album (on here anyway) amid false promises, lame visuals and half-arsed promo

    Folklore: a true mic-drop moment that rocked us all, as the BPG we all thought had completely lost it remembered who she was

    Smile: a quieter, more confident return to form for a pop icon whose quality control had been in question. Somewhat of a victory lap moment - though still very divisive to most.

    Good news: a (surprisingly?) strong “debut” (to the general public) from 2020’s breakout star, leaving most other rappers in the dust while having genuine commercial appeal

    Positions: another nice Ariana album

    The lack of narrative, pomp or circumstance is why few people really “care”, relatively speaking, about Positions in this rate. Rooting for Ari among the rest just isn’t an exciting prospect. It’s not that deep and nobody’s questioning her talent. It’s just the dullest prospect here.
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  20. Yeah Positions is just a bit... dull? It feels like she's released the same song over and over again for a while now.
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