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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Dec 1, 2020.

  1. Ddd, this is like the old days when we'd be like 10 eliminations into a Lady Gaga rate or the BPG rate back then and you'd be calling for "Heavy Metal Lover".
  2. K94


    Tea - sounds pretty but it's not particularly interesting, and doesn't really go anywhere.
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  3. Smile Songs Out: 4
    Future Nostalgia Songs Out: 2
    Chromatica Songs Out: 2


    Guaranteed that Chromatica does not have the most songs out among the Bottom 10. (at worst it'd be tied with Smile)
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  4. We've got rid of the bad songs on Smile and nothing else from that album deserves to leave until we lose at least half of Positions.
  5. RJF


    The 2011 Rate should really be rerun now that the forum isn't full of idiots. Maybe as a cute off-season BPG and a nice reminder that Rihanna once actually released music.
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  6. and none for Taylor and Megan bye.

  7. As one of the idiots at the time... yes
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  8. The way I completely hated Boys Will Be Boys on the first listen and I ended up warming up to it after the Women In Music performance, and especially after the Club Future Nostalgia remix being an absolute highlight.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  9. RJF


    Hmm wait. BPG Classique *dum dum dum duuuum* with Born This Way, Femme Fatale, 4, and Talk That Talk as they all come up on a decade, with us being able to talk so much more about them all now that the tea has been sufficiently brewed... I'm tempted.
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  10. Only if you and @Laura Vanderbooben recreate the album covers for the rate promo like Willam and Alaska do.
  11. K94


    We'd still be rating Chromatica

  12. RJF


    My self-respect to me as I realise I still remember the results of a fucking rate that happened ten years ago on a niche Internet forum full of British queers focused on the discussion of pop music.

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  13. R27


    The fact that many (although certainly not all) of the posts defending "Boys Will Boys" include mention of the CFN remix is pretty telling of the quality of the actual original we were rating. I support the message obviously, but it's clumsy lyrically and definitely one of the weakest tracks in the rate for me.
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  14. LTG


    Let’s just say I can’t imagine Britney winning the re-rate.
  15. 4 quietly becoming the most enduring, timeless, and foretelling album of 2011? I could believe it.
  16. BTG


    I’d sink that album so fast.

  17. What came top in 2011? Countdown should have had a 10+ average to be honest.
  18. RJF


    It doesn't matter.
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  19. LTG


    Till The World Ends dddddd
  20. Also, no one said we can't rate whichever version of a song we like. For instance, I rated the Live in LA version of Don't Start Now, which would raise its score from an 11 to a 12. However, I gave it a 10. Oop!
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