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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by aux, Dec 1, 2021.

  1. RJF


    I'll vote, but I'm gonna do it at the very last minute because I want to experience the erotic thrill that must come from such behaviour considering how many of you beasts have done it to me over the years.
  2. aux


    Hmm, this is giving best song of all time teas on this chilly evening.

  3. Sounds like an 11 to me.
  4. It's highly arousing

  5. BTG


    I won’t be voting after seeing this gif.
  6. Whatever happened to Diana Vickers?
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  7. Ok, all done.

    I love Billie's album & I am so on board Halsey's direction. She gets me going about as much as any BPG at the moment.

    That said, even though I tried to not to go overboard with my evermore adoration, my wool coat weakness jumped out in my scores.

    Doja = 8.25
    Olivia = 8.5
    Billie = 9
    Halsey = 9.25
    Taylor = 9.5

    I'll have my ballot to you ASAP @aux ... just need to decide if I want to write a paragraph or an essay for my 11.
  8. Did you girls know that I don’t do drugs
  9. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

  10. Help, my averages are going to be so high. Gotta be more brutal.mp3
  11. @aux, sorry if you've already answered this, but are we rating Not My Responsibility?
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  12. aux


    Nope! I don’t mind the track, but from past experience, voters tend to complain about spoken word pieces or interludes being included so I just decided to cut it.
  13. Finally buckling down to do this rate, and it looks like I'm one of Olivia's sad listeners! #SOUR
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  14. R27


    Scores are in. I think these are my highest averages in a BPG rate. With the exception of one album, all of my averages are above 7.5 (which is a pretty high gor me in a versus rate). Excited for the results to fet under way!
  15. I think I'll have to do this today after I had previously decided not to take part in the carnage. But it seems - from these averages - that people are basically gonna dismiss "Planet Her" in favor of Halsey's album, which is good of course. But think about the implications please! The impact on pop culture as a whole! Halsey is merely a blip in this case.

    Don't do "Planet Her" dirty challenge, do that challenge.
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  16. Planet Her loses steam in the second half.

    I’m sure it will have plenty of representation in the top 20, and I wouldn’t be surprised if ‘Woman’ takes the number 1 spot.
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  17. I don't enjoy "evermore" much, but hearing "SOUR" right after really shows me that Olivia's album is the worst of the bunch.
  18. Both Halsey's and Doja's effort are good, but still the weakest ones out of the bunch by quite a margin. A big chunk of Doja's album is filler material, while Halsey's properly gets going only in its second half.

    SOUR would be pretty much excellent if it were a track or two shorter. More density would really help with those ballads not blending into one another.
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  19. "Planet Her"

    "Happier Than Ever"

    "If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power"



    It is brutal out here, indeed.
  20. I wasn’t expecting SOUR to be so… boring.
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