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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by aux, Dec 1, 2021.

  1. aux


    Keep those ballots coming ladies! Reminder that you have all of what’s left of today and tomorrow to finish your ballots.

    I’m currently busy, but once I’m back home, I (or a mod, preferably) will be doing a final tag storm.

    Can’t wait to get this show on the road!
  2. Just realised I can only give out one zero...

  3. What I will say is that all these albums are of a quality that do not deserve a single zero.
  4. I wish I had two 11s to give as I am not a woman, I'm a god is an incredible song but there can only be one...

  5. me @ willow

  6. I realise I’m incredibly late with Billie, but the sequencing on the Happier Than Ever album is magnificent. The definition of building to a climax.
  7. Billie got my 11 and highest average. Hey talent, you've done it again. Constantly raising the bar for the BPG rates. I was worried when the era colour palette resembled comfortable shapewear department at M&S but the O'Connell's shut me up. That's a hard thing to do


    And Taylor got my lowest average *stokes bonfire to keep stans at a distance* I did give her two 10's though. Actually everybody got at least one 10 from me... apart from Halsey!

  8. Ugly.
  9. I found these albums surprisingly PJCHILL. Or just pleasantly tedious.
  10. wi11ow slander?
  11. RJF


    I have two 11/10 candidates...
  12. Planet Her 7,166 (10x1, 5x2)
    evermore 7,882 (10x2, 5x1)
    SOUR 7,500 (10x1, 6x3)
    Happier Than Ever 7,800 (10x2, 6x1)
    If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power 7,961 (10x1, 5x1)

  13. Trolling isn’t allowed, throw out the ballot @aux x
  14. aux


    Shit, I have to pick an 11.

  15. "Willow" is the only standout on "evermore".
  16. K94


    just gave my 11 to the one that slaps the most

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  17. A broken clock is still wrong twice.
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  18. First ever BPG rate and I don't think I loved any of the albums as whole bodies of work but some real standout tracks among them. Sour isn't my favourite but I think the low track count boosted the average.

    Sour - 6.18
    Happier than Ever – 5.8
    If I can’t have Love etc. - 5.69
    Evermore - 5.58
    Planet Her – 5.5
  19. I think they’re a strong set of albums, but comparing them together there are clear standouts (and a few duds) between most of them. Surprised by the rankings, I’d say Evermore is my favourite of the bunch but there are a few middling numbers. Would rather listen to Planet Her than SOUR or If I Can’t Have Love…, but it’s definitely the patchiest here, still, when it gets it right, it gets it right.

    Billie - 6.47
    Taylor - 6.24
    Olivia - 6.00
    Halsey - 5.69
    Doja - 5.38 (5.64 without the bonus tracks)

    Thanks for organising @aux - looking forward to the results!
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  20. RJF


    nn sis you might want to prefix this by making everyone aware you're a bit of a tough scorer generally.
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