Looking forward to listening to 3-4 albums I've never heard of in a drunken two-day haze again!

I've started

nn sis you might want to prefix this by making everyone aware you're a bit of a tough scorer generally.

Dd thanks. I’ll just repeat my usual stance on rating the songs with each other and not every song ever. The 1-10 point range is there for a reason, what’s the point of taking part if you’re just giving each song 8 points.

Nothing got below a 2 at least, that’s growth.gif.

Planet Her
— 5.7
If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power — 2.9
Happier Than Ever — 3.8
evermore — 4.8
SOUR — 8.5
I don’t … remember you being that harsh of a scoter last year dddd. You really said “fuck these albums the reason we quit hosting this rate is because pop music sucked this year” huh?
Planet Her: 7.7 (10 x3 / 4 x1)
evermore: 8.6 (10 x6 / 5 x1)
SOUR: 8.0 (10 x3 / 5 x1)
Happier Than Ever: 9.2 (11 + 10 x5 / 6.5 x1)
If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power: 8.5 (10 x4 / 7 x4 djsflhglkdsjfkl)

Every album here is great. Planet Her suffers because of the bonus tracks which I largely have no time for. The winner of this rate is glaringly obvious but I'm sure y'all will fuck it up.

I actually did it and submitted my scores. A literal world first for me.

Planet Her – 6.7
Evermore – 8.3
Sour – 6.7
Happier Than Ever – 7.5
If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power – 7.7

I also very much like all of the albums but am surprised Sour and Planet Her tied as I definitely think the latter is the better of the two. I suppose Planet Her is just a bit bloated / weighed down by a lot of stuff I tend to skip and think of as largely forgettable.