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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by aux, Dec 1, 2021.

  1. I've started

  2. Dd thanks. I’ll just repeat my usual stance on rating the songs with each other and not every song ever. The 1-10 point range is there for a reason, what’s the point of taking part if you’re just giving each song 8 points.

    Nothing got below a 2 at least, that’s growth.gif.
  3. The amount of terrible takes in the last page... maybe this rate really was a mistake

  4. In!

    Planet Her
    — 5.7
    If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power — 2.9
    Happier Than Ever — 3.8
    evermore — 4.8
    SOUR — 8.5
  5. I’m choosing to believe that you’ve inverted the numbers with those averages
  6. aux


    I've sent @ohnostalgia the final tag list just now, but she'll be posting it later today when she gets a chance. If you get tagged and have already sent me a ballot after this post, that's why.

    You have just over twenty four hours left to vote.

  7. Well… I’ve decided my 11 so I guess I should write all my scores into my silly little phone
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  8. Usually I feel like my taste isn't so far from yours, but this... has been shaking a bit. What other girls are about to come out against my AOTY?
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  9. I don’t … remember you being that harsh of a scoter last year dddd. You really said “fuck these albums the reason we quit hosting this rate is because pop music sucked this year” huh?
  10. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

  11. Taylor fantasizing about Este Haim's murder

  12. Planet Her: 7.7 (10 x3 / 4 x1)
    evermore: 8.6 (10 x6 / 5 x1)
    SOUR: 8.0 (10 x3 / 5 x1)
    Happier Than Ever: 9.2 (11 + 10 x5 / 6.5 x1)
    If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power: 8.5 (10 x4 / 7 x4 djsflhglkdsjfkl)

    Every album here is great. Planet Her suffers because of the bonus tracks which I largely have no time for. The winner of this rate is glaringly obvious but I'm sure y'all will fuck it up.

  13. I literally have scores written down but I'm doing that overthinking thing so expect them at the very very last minute.
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  14. Only two albums to listen to. Stay tuned by tomorrow night.
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  15. I actually did it and submitted my scores. A literal world first for me.

    Planet Her – 6.7
    Evermore – 8.3
    Sour – 6.7
    Happier Than Ever – 7.5
    If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power – 7.7

    I also very much like all of the albums but am surprised Sour and Planet Her tied as I definitely think the latter is the better of the two. I suppose Planet Her is just a bit bloated / weighed down by a lot of stuff I tend to skip and think of as largely forgettable.
  16. [​IMG]

    This will be my focus for today.
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  17. Wait I actually dedicated time to scoring and was just waiting for some final Doja tracks to sink in. Maybe I’ll get scores in before the bell…
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  18. me (he-he)
    Sour 5.45
    Happier Than Ever 5.53
    Planet Her 6
    if i can't have love i want power 6.46
    evermore 6.71
  19. I accidentally overwrote the note on my phone that had all my scores with a shopping list

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