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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by aux, Dec 1, 2021.

  1. My will be coming tonight for sure dddd.
  2. It will be deserved!
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  3. Trying to pick an 11 between happiness, ivy and evermore:
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  4. mention of tolerate it?
  5. I had to narrow it down to my top 3 okay?
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  6. I appreciate the number of people who have mentioned ivy as their potential 11 in this thread. Impeccable taste.
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  7. Finally done! So here are the averages!

    Planet Her - 7.75 (10x5, 4x1)
    evermore - 9.05 (11x1, 6x1)
    SOUR - 8.5 (10x2, 6.5x1)
    Happier Than Ever - 8.5 (10x6, 5x1)
    IICHLIWP - 8.96 (10x5, 6.5x1)

    I think Planet Her would be a lot higher without the bonus tracks because it is a really incredible album! The highs are really high but there are several songs I could do without. My evermore average is pretty damn high but that's unsurprising. SOUR really does benefit from being so short and very solid overall. I had a real moment with that album earlier in the year so I do really love it a lot. And both Halsey & Billie delivered ALBUMS! I don't think I fully realised how much I adore either of them until scoring for this rate, so thank you very much @aux!

    Now, I know I'll probably rethink some of my scores later because I overthink everything but I'm just going to let it go. I can't wait to get this started!
  8. I trust and support the forum to do the right thing. Even though I erased my scores to write “Chicken Tikka ready meal” instead, this is a really strong ballot full of records that might’ve been overshadowed in other years. Rooting for everyone bar Olivia teebs, who seems neat but that album is like water off a Duck’s back the way it doesn’t stick! And even then the big bits are undeniably solid.
  9. Everyone referring to the Planet Her bonus tracks as its weak point better mean the other three, because Tonight remains one of the best songs on the album and really doesn't deserved to get lumped with the rest.
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  10. Yes, exactly this. When I refer to the bonus tracks, I do not mean her!
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  11. I gave two of the bonus tracks higher scores than most of the standard dddd. Including Tonight, yes.
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  12. [​IMG]
  13. 6.7

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  14. Finished! Here are my averages.
    Planet Her: 8.53 (1x10, 4x7s)
    evermore: 9.71 (1x11, 9x10s, 5x9s)
    SOUR: 9.36 (5x10s, 2x8s)
    Happier Than Ever: 9.7 (10x10s, 1x8.5)
    If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power: 9.73 (8x10s, 2x9s)

    Whew, a line-up. Was not expecting Halsey to snatch my highest average but she did benefit from having one of the shorter albums here, although all of them were extremely consistent save for Planet Her.
    Hope my 11 makes the top 10, maybe even top 5 if I'm lucky, but I don't think it'll win. Rooting for Happier Than Ever in that department, and good 4 u and I'm not a woman I'm a god better be top 5 as well.
  15. I feel... seen.


    But please accept my ballot dddddd /kthxbai.
  16. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    I haven't been able to say the word 'woman' without this popping into my head for the last month. Impact!
  17. Literally. Whenever my body and mind begin to rest, whenever I experience blessed peace, woMAN pops right up. A bop!
  18. The second half of Woman is such a fucking rush.

    Princess or queen, tomboy or king
    You've heard a lot, you've never seen
    Mother Earth, Mother Mary rise to the top
    Divine feminine, I'm feminine

  19. My 11 shortlist was: Willow, Ivy, Cowboy Like Me, Male Fantasy, Happier Than Ever, Halley's Comet, Deja Vu, or You Asked For This.
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