Listening to the playlist on shuffle and some of these Olivia songs...

Excellent choices! They really were the dominant ones this year. I love it that many of them would have been in alt pop gurl rates in previous years, but 2021 proved more than ever that the alt gurls are mainstream. There's much I love on all of these records but Doja and Halsey really hit it out of the park imo.
The way the daily artist reveals had me thinking a 6th would be revealed today before the rate started, I was fully expecting it to be Lil Nas X, to leave the gaggiest reveal for last dd. But this is really a great line-up, evermore, Happier Than Ever, If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power and Planet Her are among my favourite albums of the year (or, well, of 2020 in evermore's case), and SOUR, while not quite on the same level in my opinion, is still pretty great.
A couple of other things:

1. It's a shame Halsey's People Disappear Here isn't in the rate, because it's really great, but I guess it not being either on Spotify or Youtube would make it a bit inconvenient.

2. Kind of funny how last year Chromatica, Future Nostalgia and Smile made for half the rate, and yet this year none of the girls are serving anything even close to dance-pop.