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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by aux, Dec 1, 2021.

  1. aux




    SCORE: 7.014

    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 6 (@pondeforehead, @GimmeWork, @Jonathan27, @Sanctuary, @thommyh, @Sail On)
    LOWEST SCORE: 0 x 1 (@TéléDex)
    MY SCORE: 7

    Doja just can't seem to stop haemorrhaging tracks... damn ma, it's that serious.

    This is a perfect song until one-third into the song, straight after JID's verse, it feels like the song loses all its force. I actually feel it's a biT early to be losing this track, specially when there are far worse tracks left in the rate. It's been done dirty. Doja's flow is immaculate on this track, the first verse is an absolute rush. The sung verses are excellent, they're the exact style of dreamy vocals I expect and love from Doja. It's a really sultry, sensual, sweaty track - another thing that Doja excels at I fear. The production is really solid too, the lil' flute in the background is a bit annoying once you really pay attention to it like I am right now, but it's still overall, a really great package. JID's verse matches Doja's energy perfectly and really boosts the song too, it's a great feature even if the verse's lyrics are a bit corny. Ultimately, I wished this had done better and had gone after certain tracks which hopefully leave soon.

    She's never performed this live, so here's "Streets" by Doja Cat. Everyone give it up for "Streets" you guys.

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  2. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    We could’ve swung back to Olivia’s album instead.
  3. Ok these Doja culls are getting a little bit hateful now.
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  4. I’m surprised by the Doja cull! It should at least be the Dr L*ke songs going.
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  5. Every song on folklore getting at least a 7.0 average in last year's rate and every song on evermore getting at least a 7.0 in this year's rate...queen of literally not releasing bad songs since 2019
  6. aux




    SCORE: 7.0197

    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 3 (@pop3blow2, @Trinu 3.0, @soratami)
    LOWEST SCORE: 2 x 1 (@tea)
    MY SCORE: 6.5

    And Taylor Swift loses her first track, leaving Halsey as the only remaining artist that hasn't lost a singular track in the rate so far...

    "it's time to go" is the closing track on evermore. It was released after on the deluxe edition of the album, which also houses "right where you left me" which is infinitely better. This one, which I do like, definitely feels like a 'bonus track' more so than the other. I really like the production on here, but in an album that sees Taylor further push herself away from her previous songwriting and evolving it beyond telling her own stories and now mashing her own stories with the stories of others, blending the lines of what is about her and what isn't, this feels like a return to her older songwriting. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but (!) as I said, in an album where her songwriting is really elevated, this feels a bit... middle of the road.

    The song sees Taylor very blatantly discuss relationships that have gone awry in the past, including - most notably - her relationship with her former record label Big Machine Records who was sold to Scooter Braun by Scott Borchetta. This sale obviously resulted in the insane endeavour Taylor is currently on, with releasing re-recorded versions of her first six albums. It's a candid moment, hearing her sing about how she feels about this, as the story goes that Scott Borchetta was the person who signed her after she sang at The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville. The song sees Taylor explain her feelings on that betrayal, that the man who had been a close business partner for so long, would do such a thing. In the context of her later releases, the re-recorded versions of Fearless and Red, it's interesting hearing the song as it foreshadowed what was to come for Taylor's discography with the re-recordings.

    This being the first out from evermore feels... right, this is one of the few songs on the record where I really don't have many strong feelings of either love or hate. She's never performed it live - much like the rest of evermore - so I'll be linking Taylor's version of "Better Man" which she performed at the Bluebird Cafe in 2019.

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  7. tea


    The Tradition survived

  8. Okay now do Dorothea

  9. @Artemisia
  10. I don’t have strong feelings about It’s Time to Go but Long Story Short and Closure should have vacated first.
  11. Honestly though Halsey being the last one to lose a track is a bit iconic after people were questioning their inclusion.

    @ a user who is currently banned for a month
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  12. Options is a good song that I enjoy more with each listen but it leaving doesn’t bother me too much.

    Neither does It’s Time to Go actually. I gave it a pretty high score but I don’t think about it much when I’m not listening so it’s a bit of a painless first evermore cut. I agree with the calls for Dorothea honestly. It’s the weakest on the album for me and I don’t use it much.

    As far as Halsey being the last to lose a song, that actually seems right. Her album is pretty concise and is very solid all around. One of the most consistent in the rate so I’m happy for her! I hope her opening tracks are her first exits and it seems I’m in the majority there.
  13. I gave evermore, like, a lot of 10s.... so I guess I can't be too upset about this being my first 10 to leave the rate.

    I love middle-of-road singer/songwriter stuff, so it makes sense I adore this as much as I do. 'It's Time To Go' certainly feels a bit 90s Lilith-fair crossed with some Carly Simon's more introspective moments. So, right in my wheelhouse.

    I agree with @aux that this does feel a bit like some of her older songwriting (I wonder if that was conscious due the song's more personal topics to her), but the reason I love this she much is that I'm not sure if she could've made these lyrics resonate with me the same way... even 5 years ago. There a maturity & confidence to 'It's Time To Go' ... and a restraint to the delivery that maybe a different version of Taylor might've approached more bitterly. Instead, this feels intimate & oddly positive despite the dubious circumstances/traumas the lyrics broach. I also like the song is ambiguous & universal... and still very autobiographical. Talent.
  14. It’s a bonus track so it’s fake

  15. Now I'm the biggest Dojaholic here but JID ate her up on Options. It's such a great track I can't believe it's already gone.
  16. Options is the first legitimately questionable elimination so far.
  17. The Little Flannel Shirts didn’t see Halslay coming

    Flop Girls Disappeaaarrrr herrre
  18. Though I do enjoy the three Doja tracks that haven't survived these last few pages, I have absolutely no qualms about them leaving either. But when you have JID outperforming Doja on Options? Well, there's certainly something that's not quite right...

    it's time to go - bonus track should absolutely not be the first song out from evermore, but I'm only a casual fan, so what do I know, I guess?

    And never in a thousand-ish posts in this thread would I have guessed Halsey would be the only one standing with their full album intact.

  19. Options is such a banger, I fully anticipated it to last into the top 40. JID is the highlight of the song but it all builds to his feature. Doja's performance is still a knockout, that first verse is legitimately so well constructed and she delivers it like she's about to get the best dick of her life before telling him you're welcome.
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  20. This really felt like


    No hate to Halsey whatsoever, but c'mon now......................................................................................
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